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You don’t have to walk alone…

NTS Ministry Mentors is an initiative of the NTS Alumni Association which desires to pair experienced ministers with those seeking someone with whom they can meet to learn and grow personally and professionally. A mentee may meet with a mentor just a few times to talk through a particular issue or challenge or the meetings may be scheduled on a more regular basis. While NTS does not manage the details of a mentor/mentee relationship, our goal is to try to make connections based on area(s) of ministry, experience, and availability.

How does it work?
1) Using the tool below, identify a potential mentor.
2) Contact the mentor and describe your particular needs and availability.
3) If the mentor is available, set up a time and place to meet (in-person or virtually) where you can discuss the desired length/nature of the mentoring relationship.

If you have questions or you are an NTS alumnus or friend of NTS interested in serving others as a mentor, let us know at [email protected]!

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