The faithful support of alumni and friends is vital to the ongoing mission of preparing faithful and effective ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All undesignated gifts go into the Affordable Tuition Fund which provides tuition assistance, student jobs, teacher salaries, faculty development, multicultural programs, continuing education, library books, technological services, buildings, student housing, maintenance and much more!

Scholarships & Grants

Providing scholarships to God-called men and women is important to our mission and operation. A quality education is costly and can saddle ministers with the burden of debt. Thus, scholarships can reap a rich harvest in the lives of well-prepared ministers and healthy mission-directed churches.

Establishing or giving to a scholarship can result in the extension of a person’s vision or kingdom-centered cause, as they are often established by a person, family, or group of persons who wish to honor or memorialize someone—naming the fund in their honor/memory. In this way, starting a scholarship is a way of passing on a mantle for Christian service; it is perhaps one of the best ways to link a legacy with the future of the Church.

You can give to three types of scholarships:

The PLG funds the best and brightest from around the world. These funds give a scholarship to a few of the top students from each of the Nazarene universities and colleges. The outstanding students then come to NTS and help set the bar high for other students, and go on to serve the church in ministry around the world.

Annually funded scholarships have the ability to be received and used the same year with no waiting period. The funds received go directly to a student who meets the established criteria.

Establishing an annually funded scholarship provides an immediate way to assist current students, as funds can be received and awarded within the same year. This type of fund requires a minimum of $5,000 be given annually for at least three years.

Download a copy of the NTS Annual Scholarship Worksheet.

To start a new scholarship, please contact the Office of Advancement at or 816.268.5430.

Endowed scholarship funds, equated with excellence and long-term strength, differ from other gifts in that they are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of the entire amount of the gift being awarded outright, the total amount of the gift is invested, and each year only a portion of the earnings (currently 5%, as set by the NTS Board of Trustees) is awarded as a scholarship; the remaining earnings are added to the principal and re-invested.

Two levels of Endowed Scholarship Fundshave been established. First, a fully endowed scholarship must have a minimum principal balance of $10,000. Once a fund reaches $150,000, it is deemed a Scholarship of Distinction, the 5% of earnings of which provide a student with the equivalent of a full-ride scholarship.

A reasonable time frame for the building of the fund to the initial $10,000 balance is 5 – 7 years. Once the minimum $10,000 balance is reached, the funds are invested for one full year, after which 5% of the fund’s earnings begin to be awarded to students.

Download a copy of the NTS Endowed Scholarship Worksheet.

To start a new scholarship, please contact the Office of Advancement at or 816.268.5430.

Other ways to support NTS

Each year, churches in USA and Canada have a special opportunity to support Nazarene Theological Seminary’s Affordable Tuition Fund through an annual offering. The “Seminarian Offering” benefits ministerial student—the seminarians— by enabling NTS to provide the finest theological education possible while keeping tuition low.

Already donate through your church’s Seminarian Offering? Consider giving your offering directly to NTS, then both you and your church are credited.

Club 300

Club 300 is an initiative of the NTS Alumni Association, challenging NTS alumni and friends to consider giving $300 per year or $25 per month.

Club 300 Benefits

  • Discounts to NTS events, including the Preachers Conference
  • A reduced Center for Pastoral Leadership video subscription for Lifelong Learning Credits at your fingertips


Your Gift Matters

  • Your gift supports our students as they respond to God’s call on their lives
  • Club 300 is a way to “pay it forward,” as the cost of tuition has risen significantly since you were a student
  • Your gift helps NTS fulfill its mission to prepare faithful and effective ministers of the gospel

Sponsorships are capacity-building projects, programs, events and departments that would excel with a major gift from a generous donor. If you would like to discuss exciting possibilities, please contact Dean for Advancement Rev. Tim McPherson at 816.268.5430 or

Your estate is an opportunity to establish a legacy and spread the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ for generations to come. To discuss including NTS in your estate, please contact Dean for Advancement Rev. Tim McPherson at 816.268.5430 or

NTS Study Trips are an engaging way for Alumni and friends of NTS to grow in their education and deepen their connection to the mission of NTS! Learn more about upcoming trips by contacting us at

NTS Good Neighbors and Community Partners is an initiative to connect Kansas City area leaders to work together for the common good. Learn more here.

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