NTS has over 6,000 alumni serving around the world as pastors, missionaries, chaplains, teachers, and non-profit and creative ministry leaders. Initiatives of NTS Alumni are designed to connect alumni to the resources of the seminary for continuing education, to foster fellowship and encouragement, and to equip alumni to be ambassadors for NTS to the next generation of ministry leaders.

NTSAA membership includes all those who have received credit for at least one course at NTS and are not members of the student body during the current academic year, those who have received an honorary degree from NTS, those who are or have been members of the faculty, and those who are or have been members of the Board of Trustees.

Club 300
Club 300 is an initiative of the NTS Alumni Association, challenging NTS alumni and friends to consider giving $300 per year or $25 per month.

Club 300 Benefits

  • Discounts to NTS events, including the Preachers Conference
  • A reduced Center for Pastoral Leadership video subscription for Lifelong Learning Credits at your fingertips

Your Gift Matters

  • Your gift supports our students as they respond to God’s call on their lives
  • Club 300 is a way to “pay it forward,” as the cost of tuition has risen significantly since you were a student
  • Your gift helps NTS fulfill its mission to prepare faithful and effective ministers of the gospel

Already donate through your church’s Seminarian Offering?
Consider giving your offering directly to NTS,
then both you and your church are credited.


Officers of the NTSAA are elected each quadrennium prior to the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene. The Seminary President and staff of the Office of Advancement work with the elected officers to involve alumni in quality opportunities for continued academic enrichment, relationship building, and Seminary support. Council members welcome the ideas, comments and suggestions of all NTS alumni.

Contact: alumni@nts.edu

Steve Estep


John Nielson

Vice President

Doug Herbert

Canada Region Member-at-large

John Megyesi

ENC Region Member-at-Large

Samuel Aparicio

MNU Region Member-at-Large

David Wilson

MVNU Region Member-at-Large

Donabel Martin

NNU Region Member-at-Large

Aimee Mulder

ONU Region Member-at-Large

Gordon Wong

PLNU Region Member-at-Large

Andy Bolerjack

SNU Region Member-at-Large

Jennifer Showalter

TNU Region Member-at-Large

Kaitlyn Haley Deisher

Alumnus SLT Representative

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