A Wesleyan Community of Women Leaders and Mentors.

“The summarizing word­–Wesley’s ultimate hermeneutic–is love.

-Dr. Mildred Bangs Wynkoop

About the Center

Mildred Wynkoop

Vision: To see women called by God to be affirmed, empowered, and equipped to serve the Church and the world through a variety of ministry professions.

Mission: The Wynkoop Center for Women in Leadership exists to create space to imagine together the possibilities of women’s contributions, along with creative and innovative participation in the future of the church of Jesus Christ. The Center does this by providing opportunities, assistance, and resources to explore and encourage the giftings and callings of women in traditional and new frontiers of leadership.

The Wynkoop Legacy: Mildred Bangs Wynkoop (1905-1997) was an influential educator, missionary, and theologian whose work impacted the Church of the Nazarene and beyond. As a prolific writer, she bravely sought new paradigms through her engagement with Wesley’s theology. One of her notable works, A Theology of Love, shaped a generation of pastors, teachers, and theologians. She taught at several institutions including Western Evangelical Seminary (Oregon), Japanese Christian Junior College, Japanese Nazarene Theological Seminary, Trevecca Nazarene College (Nashville, TN), and as theologian-in-residence at Nazarene Theological Seminary (Kansas City, MO) from 1976-1980.

The Wynkoop Center was founded in 2003 as an initiative of Nazarene Theological Seminary through the generosity of the Ralph and Mildred Bangs Wynkoop estate. In 2002, Dr. Judi Schwanz (Director 2003-2020), NTS President Ron Benefiel (President 2000 – 2011), and Dr. Keith Schwanz, proposed creating this Center as a way to support women in the life of the Church. Founded initially as the Wynkoop Center for Women in Ministry, the Wynkoop Center for Women in Leadership will continue this legacy and expand its mission to support women in leadership, scholarship, and ecclesial ministry.  


Leading Bold Conference, November 3-4


NTS and the Wynkoop Center partner with others through event sponsorships and shared initiatives which benefit and resource women leaders.

Nazarene Women's Clergy Council



Conference Attendance Awards:

If you are a woman graduate student and have an accepted paper at a conference (e.g., WTS, SBL, AAR, etc.), you are invited to apply for a $500.00 (USD) conference award to help with the cost of registration, travel, and accommodation to your conference. Complete the form below to apply. Applications are accepted July 1 to December 1 each calendar year.
Apply for a Conference Attendance Award

Research Awards:

If you are a woman graduate student working on a doctorate and in the dissertation phase of research writing, you are eligible to apply for a $750.00 (USD) research award to help with expense towards the costs of research and travel associated with this stage of writing. Complete the form below to apply. Applications are accepted July 1 to December 1 each calendar year.
Apply for a Research Award

Academic Scholarships:

NTS has a number of scholarship funds designated to providing tuition assistance for women pursuing graduate theological studies. Contact the Enrollment Team at [email protected] to learn more. Begin your application here.

Wynkoop Center Staff


[email protected]

Wynkoop Center Advisory Council

Rev. Janice Ballard
Staff Member Jesse Middendorf
Rev. Dr. Jesse Middendorf
Dr. Linda Alexander
Christine Youn Hung
Rev. Christine Youn Hung
Faculty Member Nell Becker-Sweeden
Rev. Dr. Nell Sweeden
Hermina Esqueda Photo
Rev. Herminia Esqueda
Dr. Sarah Coleson-Derck
Jenny Matheny photo
Dr. Jenny Matheny

Support the Wynkoop Center for Women in Leadership through a financial gift.

Make checks payable to:
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“Love is the essential inner character of holiness,
and holiness does not exist apart from love.”

-Dr. Mildred Bangs Wynkoop

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