Rev. Carrie Faith Taylor

Current Ministry Role

Lead Pastor at Warsaw Church of The Nazarene
Warsaw, OH

Years in Ministry

6-15 Years

Areas of Passion

Preaching, Education, Bivocational Ministry


Short-term (1-3 months) or Episodic, Long-term (6 months or more)

Why Mentoring?

I just finished my time at NTS. I'm still fairly new to ministry (about seven years) and a year from ordination, but I found mentors who were just a little further along to be most helpful in my journey. They had more answers without acting like they had ALL the answers. It's shaped the pastor I am today.

Impactful Books

Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys by Richard Twiss - shaped how I view ministry across cultures

The Great Spiritual Migration by Brian McLaren - helped me process some of the struggles my generation has with the church

Reading Revelation Responsibly by Michael Gorman - helped me articulate how to read the Bible without reading into it things that aren't there

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