Dr. Kevin Ulmet

Current Ministry Role

Senior Pastor
Nashville, TN

Years in Ministry

25+ Years

Areas of Passion

Preaching, Administration, Leadership


Short-term (1-3 months) or Episodic

Why Mentoring?

I already am - weekly - with our staff, interns, God-called ministers in credentialing, etc. it would be an extension of that to someone(s) else. I find great fulfillment of my call and practice of ministry in doing so. I sense I am "doing God's work" at a deep level when investing in others. I also teach Nazarene History and Polity with great joy and fulfillment here on our district. I see this as an extension of that as well.

Impactful Books

The Fifth Discipline - Peter Senge. Describes in detail the whole concept of "shared vision" - This is organizational leadership at a deeply philosophical level with practical breakthroughs. it has been revolutionary in my leadership of local churches.

The Social God and the Relational Self: A Trinitarian Theology of the Imago Dei by Stanley J. Grenz. This laid a theological groundwork for my doctoral project and also for my approach to local church leadership and ministry.

The Promise of Trinitarian Theology by Colin E. Gunton. Similar impact to the Grenz work, with a classic British theological aura.

The Power of Vision: How You can Capture and Apply God's Vision for Your Ministry by George Barna. This was the "practical application" guidebook that led me through three pastorates to this point.

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