Rev. Erik Gernand

Current Ministry Role

University Chaplain at TNU, Church Planter
Franklin, TN

Years in Ministry

16-24 Years

Areas of Passion

Preaching, Administration, Church Planting


Short-term (1-3 months) or Episodic, Long-term (6 months or more)

Why Mentoring?

As a young pastor, I just remember thinking (regularly), "I have no idea what I'm doing." I still do sometimes, but I've thankfully learned some of the things I probably should have paid attention to in school! I enjoy encouraging young pastors and would be glad to serve as a sounding board for problems and/or challenges as they come up.

Impactful Books

1. We Really Do Need Each Other - Reuben Welch - A book study through 1 John that has always just captivated me.
2. The Temple and the Church's Mission - GK Beale - just a great run through of the purpose of humanity as image-bearers.
3. Velvet Elvis - Rob Bell - At the time, I just loved the fresh take and the passion for following Jesus.
4. The Divine Conspiracy - Dallas Willard - Because...classic.

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