Pastor Jake King

Current Ministry Role

Family Pastor at New Beginnings Church (UMC)
Delaware, OH

Years in Ministry

6-15 Years

Areas of Passion

Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Preaching


Long-term (6 months or more)

Why Mentoring?

When I took my first job I had a million questions and a million thoughts, and I had people to turn to for those questions. I appreciated the ability to speak openly and honestly with someone who would listen and tell me when I was wrong or needed to be more patient with a situation. So I'd like to be able to be that for someone else.

Impactful Books

Skye Jethani- he makes you think deeper about scriptures that you may normally skim over because they are familiar to you.

Chip/Dan Heath- they author "secular" books, but they have been impactful in preaching/presenting, and how to create powerful moments.

Alan Hirsch- all of his books have made me rethink church and what it means to be missional.

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