Gospel in Motion

Lately, I’ve been thinking of the gospel as a verb. Wherever the Good News travels, things and people move. From the incarnation to the calling of the twelve, to the calling, forming and sending of Christian ministers (professional or lay) around the globe, gospel is a word reflecting God’s gracious energy and activity. Gospel is a verb, perhaps most especially to new believers as they respond to the grace of God in tears of joy.

In cold February, I embarked on an adventure, riding a motorcycle around sun-soaked Cuba with Dr. Gary Morsch and friends. Sure, it was a fun time, but it was primarily a moto-mission that raised $11,000 for the Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship for Hispanic Students at NTS and raised money for medical supplies for Cuba through One Heart—Many Hands. Thanks to all who gave! There is still time to participate. You can find my brief travelogue and information on the Vázquez scholarship athttps://www.nts.edu/cuba2019/.

I am grateful that God has moved visionary people through the years to start and support scholarships at NTS. Through your gifts, NTS offers an array of scholarships, many with uniquely specified criteria, reflecting the wonderful diversity that is the Church. A partial listing of financial assistance includes help for all students, women, men, diverse races, countries, districts, denominations, pastoral ministry, lay ministry, missionary work, evangelism, church planting, chaplaincy, cross cultural ministry, urban work, institutional work, NTS’ various ministry degrees and, of course, academic achievement. 

As a result of our many scholarship supporters, over 6,000 NTS alumni have been on the move around the world ministering the good news. Can you begin to imagine the movement this represents and how many lives have been transformed as a result? And, the adventure continues!

Will you consider starting or giving to an NTS scholarship today? It is still one of the most popular and effective ways of investing in the future Kingdom—a Kingdom on the move. You can find more information at https://www.nts.edu/give/.

I’d love to explore options with you.

Staff Member Tim McPherson
Rev. Tim McPherson
Dean for Advancement
[email protected]

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