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Miles for Mission Cuba MapOur Dean for Advancement, Rev. Tim McPherson, plans to ride 800 miles across Cuba February 20-27, 2019, along with Dr. Gary Morsch and other riders representing One Heart – Many Hands (OHMH), to build a bridge of goodwill to the people of Cuba. While OHMH raises money for disaster response and medical supplies, Tim will be delivering ministry resources to Nazarene pastors in Cuba through the office of the Nazarene National Church President and raising money for the “Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship for Hispanic Students.”

Below is our trip itinerary:


Trip Day

Travel Itinerary

FEB 20

Day 1

Havana – Old Havana

FEB 21

Day 2

Havana – Terrezas – Viñales

FEB 22

Day 3

Viñales – Morales – Austrailia – Guama – Playa Larga – Cuevas del los Peces
– Playa Giron – Yauarama – Cienfuegos

FEB 23

Day 4

Cienfuegos – Cumanayagua – La Sierrita – El Nicho – Trinidad

FEB 24

Day 5

Trinidad – Santa Clara – Remedios

FEB 25

Day 6

Remedios – Colon – Coliseo – Varadero

FEB 26

Day 7

Varadero – Bacunayagua – Jibacco – Via Blanca – Havana

FEB 27

Day 8

Havana – Return Home

Rev. & Mrs. Angel Carrillo Vazquez

Rev. & Mrs. Angel Carrillo Vazquez

The “Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship for Hispanic Students” was created in May 2016 by NTS Trustee Juan and Ines Vazquez Carillo, honoring Juan’s father on his 90th birthday. The first scholarship recipient was Puerto Rico West District Superintendent, Rev. Ramon Sierra, as he began studies toward his Spanish Doctor of Ministry at NTS in 2017.

Your gifts amounting to $50,000 would double the principal of this important scholarship, bringing it to $100,000! It is worth noting that if the principal totals $150,000, the Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship will become NTS’ first full-tuition scholarship for Hispanic students!

NTS’ recent Giving Tuesday campaign has already “kick-started” the match!

100% of your gift supports the Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship. (Generous donors have already sponsored Rev. McPherson’s travel expenses.)

Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo has been a Nazarene pastor since 1956. He pastored for 46 years in Puerto Rico and started missionary work with the late William Porter in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Rev. Vazquez opened four new churches in Puerto Rico and prepared thirteen new pastors on the island; he is now assisting the Church of the Nazarene in Levittown, Puerto Rico as Dean of Pastors. Fueled by a passion for holiness, Rev. Vázquez Carrillo loves to preach the gospel and devotedly prepares a sermon every week.

Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo, thank you for your example. Thank you for your continuing service. Thank you for your heart for God, your heart for holiness, your love for others, and your lifetime commitment to the mission of the Church of the Nazarene.

Ramón A. Sierra

Rev. Ramón A. Sierra

I have been blessed to be the one of the first recipients of the Scholarship for Hispanic Students. This has helped me to cover the costs of my DMin studies. Besides helping financially for some of my travel, housing and tuition costs, it is significant in other ways.

First, it reveals the desire for NTS to include Hispanic ministerial leaders as myself in its training program and global vision. It also takes into consideration our financial situation so it is not a reason for not receiving the quality education NTS provides from its Arminian-Wesleyan theological perspective. In my case, there is a sentimental connection since this scholarship bears the name of Angel Vazquez Carrillo and is funded by his son Johnny. Rev. Carrillo, now retired, was a leading pastor the Church of the Nazarene in Puerto Rico for more than 50 years. I met Rev. Carrillo when I began my pastoral ministry almost 40 years ago and my first pastorate was in the same community as Rev. Carrillo.

So please contribute to making possible for many other Hispanic or Spanish speaking leaders to be trained to carry out our mission of making Christ-like disciples from the mission field in the States to the uttermost of the world.

Rev. Ramon A. Sierra
NTS DMIN Candidate

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