NTS recently interviewed Jaemyeong Choi, a current student in the Master of Divinity program. Jaemyeong is from South Korea and is a residential student at NTS.

How did your sense of call come about?

I do not have a special enlightening moment of calling, but as a follower of Jesus Christ, I have always been thinking about how I can contribute to the Mission of God. Then, God graciously led me step by step in every critical moment of my life. As God led me to study theology, I have started to be interested in the biblical studies and have belief in me that my commitment to the biblical study would somehow contribute to the unique context of the churches in my country. Now I am still on my journey to clarify that.

Is there a class or professor that has made an impact on you?
The class, Foundations of Mission, with Dr. Selvidge in the fall of 2018 comes to mind. The lectures, readings, and communication with people really broadened my understanding of mission. In addition, Dr. Selvidge taught how to be a neighbor, listener, and Christian through his life.

What led you to enroll as a student at Nazarene Theological Seminary?

Since my dad is a pastor of a Nazarene church in South Korea, I grew up in the Nazarene church. As a Nazarene, I wanted to accomplish further study, especially the M.Div program, at NTS. I did not even consider another school. 

What does your ministry outside of your studies look like right now?

I am currently serving Kansas New Vision Church which is a Korean Nazarene congregation in Overland Park, Kansas. I am serving the youth group by leading the Bible study every Sunday morning.

How has seminary shaped you?

I think that seminary is not just a place where you merely get intellectual knowledge or degrees. Rather, seminary is a place where you pursue the holistic growth within God for the mission in your unique journey of faith. 


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