Upcoming Events

November 16-17, 2015

Dr. Walter Moberly

Durham University

There will be 3 lectures total; 2 of which will be held at 12:05pm on both Monday and Tuesday.  Timing of the 3rd TBD.  

Walter Moberly is an ordained Anglican minister, and is Professor of Theology and Biblical Interpretation at Durham University, England, where he has been teaching since 1985.  He is married to Jenny, and is the father of John-Paul and Rachel.  He loves the countryside, tea shops, supports Sunderland football club, and enjoys a good historical novel.

His academic writing explores the responsible understanding and use of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, as Christian Scripture in the contemporary world.  His two most recent books, Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture (2013) and The Theology of the Book of Genesis (2009), focus specifically on the Old Testament, while his two previous books, Prophecy and Discernment (2006) and The Bible, Theology, and Faith (2000) look at Old and New Testament together within the context of Christian theology and spirituality.


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