Master of Divinity Degree

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is the central degree program of NTS. Its purpose is to prepare persons for pastoral and spiritual leadership in congregations and other settings. It is the normative degree for those preparing for ordained ministry. The MDiv Program provides both breadth of exposure and depth of understanding for theological disciplines and ministry skills. It prepares persons for pastoral responsibilities by providing opportunities for the integration of theological study, personal and professional formation, and the practice of ministry in congregational, community, and cross-cultural contexts.

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View the video below of Dr. Roger Hahn, Director of the MDiv program, sharing an overview of the degree:

MDiv Distance Education Program

Complete your MDiv Degree without relocating from your current ministry context!

The various delivery systems that NTS offers make it possible for ministers employed in full-time ministry outside the Kansas City metro area to complete the MDiv Degree--without moving to Kansas City. The required 24-credit hours of “residential” courses may be earned at the Kansas City campus or at any of the four multi-campus sites through one-week intensive module classes.  These face-to-face classes provide you with opportunities to step back from your ministry practice and engage a thoughtful community of peers in a life-giving theological conversation.  

The rest of the degree can be earned via online classes, video conference courses, supervised field experience, individualized study courses, and/or cross-registration. Students may also transfer up to 30 semester hours of approved coursework into the program. 

MDiv Course of Study (76 Credit Hours)

  • 18 hrs of Christian Scripture
  • 21 hrs of Church History, Theology, & Philosophy
  • 25 hrs of Foundations & Practice of Ministry
  • 12 hrs of Electives

MDiv Ordination Option Course of Study (76 Credit Hours)

  • 55 hrs of Course of Study Requirements
  • 12 hrs of Domain Free Electives
  • 9 hrs of Electives