Nazarene Theological Seminary announces the renaming and upcoming relaunch of the Wynkoop Center for Women in Leadership.

Founded as the Wynkoop Center for Women in Ministry in 2003 after the Rev. Dr. Mildred Bangs Wynkoop, the Center was directed by Professor Emerita of Pastoral Care and Counseling Dr. Judi Schwanz until her retirement in 2020.

Dr. Jennifer Matheny, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, has been named as the Center’s new Director. The Rev. Dana Preusch, Director of Contextual Education and Student Life, will serve as the Center’s Assistant Director.

“Commensurate with our Wesleyan-holiness heritage and theological identity, NTS is committed to being a resource and advocate for women in ministry. The Wynkoop Center for Women in Leadership reflects our ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of academic development and direct support of women clergy and leaders,” said Dr. Josh Sweeden, Dean of the Faculty. “Dr. Matheny will continue that legacy by bringing 20-plus years of ministry experience, robust biblical expertise, and her own personal vocational journey to the new and emerging work of the Wynkoop Center.”

The Center’s new name reflects the Seminary’s commitment to acknowledge and affirm the diversity of contexts to which women are called.

The Center will continue its ministry of supporting women in ecclesial settings while expanding its vision to include women in a variety of leadership contexts,” said Dr. Matheny. “Through providing opportunities, assistance, and resources, the Center aims to explore and encourage women in traditional and new frontiers of leadership.”

The relaunch of the Center coincides with the Mercer Lectures on the Doctrine of Holiness with Dr. Sondra Wheeler which will be held at the NTS campus on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The lecture will include lunch, a panel discussion, and reception to mark the official relaunch of the Center. Register to attend in-person or virtually at www.nts.edu/pastorsday.

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