Susangeline Patrick

Associate Professor of World Christianity

Susangeline Patrick

Associate Professor of World Christianity
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My goal for teaching is to discover new knowledge, to grow curiosity, and to acquire critical thinking with my students as co-learners. I see teaching as a triangular dialogue among God the Creator, the teacher, and the students in all our intentional listening and active participation. To accommodate students’ diverse learning styles, I have a few optional assignments for students to bring out their creativity. Our shared and unique skills, interests, and experiences all contribute to the journey of learning and transformation.

In my field of World Christianity, the lesser-known but significant stories of Christian women and men from vast cultures in the past centuries often amaze me. I am delighted and grateful to have traveled to many places and have learned from students when I lectured in various countries.

I enjoy sharing meals with family and friends, hiking and arch hunting, and being lost in art museums and churches. Of course, like the famed Dr. Albert Schweitzer, music and my cat Adrian have also become my two means of “grace.”

2025 "An Interreligious and Global Perspective of Christian Art in China, 1552–1644." Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, (under contract).
2024 "Interreligious and Multicultural Crossings: A History of Ethnic Minority Christians in Yunnan, China." Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2024 (under contract).
2023 "Christians in the City of Shanghai: A History Resurrected above the Sea." London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2023 (available on Oct 19, 2023).
2023 "Art as a Pathway to God: A Historical-Theological Study of Jesuit Mission in China, 1552–1773." Leiden: Brill, 2023 (available on Dec 21, 2023).

Book Chapters
2024 “Music as Good Medicine: First Nations Christian Efforts in Canada.” In Indigenous Songs from the Ground: Towards a Decolonizing Missiology in an Age of Epistemic Crisis, edited by Xiaoli Yang and William Dyrness. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, forthcoming.
2023 “Early Eurasian Exchange and Asian Christianity, 1500– 1800.” In Smoldering Flame: The Story of Asian Christianity, edited by Amos Yong and Mark A. Lamport. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, upcoming.
2022 “Reverse and Covenantal Hospitality: Expanding the Paradigm of Giving and Receiving in Cross-Cultural Christian Mission.” In Hospitality and Humility: Changing the Christian Conversation on Civility, edited by Naaman Wood and Sean Connable, 63-76. Pasco, WA: Integratio Press

Journal Articles
2018 “Johannine Theology of Mission: Major Themes andApproaches.” Asian American Theological Forum, VOL. 5 No. 2, November 2018. 2018 Patrick, Susangeline. “Seeing Lakota Christian Mission History Through the Eyes of
John Wesley’s Image of God.” The Asbury Journal, 73 no 1 Spring 2018, pp 50-64. Book Reviews
2022 Review of Andrew Peh, Of Merchants and Missions: A Historical Study of the Impact of British Colonialism on American Methodism in Singapore from 1885 to 1910, Religious Studies Review, Volume 48, No. 1: March 2022, 113–14.
2022 Review of Xiaoli Yang, A Dialogue between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke. Theology and Mission in World Christianity, International Bulletin Mission Research, January 2022.
2021 Review of Vince Bantu, A Multitude of All Peoples: Engaging Ancient Christianity’s Global Identity, Asbury Journal, 76/2: 500-502. DOI: 10.7252/Journal.02.2021F.15
2021 Critical Review of Todd M. Johnson and Gina A. Zurlo, World Christian Encyclopedia. Third edition., Theological Librarianship, Volume 14, No. 2: October 2021, 40-42.
2020 Review of Roberta R. King, and William A. Dyrness, eds. The Arts as Witness in Multifaith Contexts, Religious Studies Review, Volume 46, No. 3, September 2020, 383.
2020 Review of James R. Edwards, Between the Swastika and the Sickle: The Life, Disappearance, and Execution of Ernst Lohmeyer, Asbury Journal, Vol. 75: No. 2, 327-328. (DOI: 10.7252/Journal.02.2020F.09 al)

2022 Critical response to Gail King, “A Model for all Christian Women”: Candida Xu, a Chinese Christian Women of the Seventeenth Century (Routledge, 2021), presented at the Society for the Study of Chinese Religions (SSCR)’s Celebration of First Books at the Association of Asian Studies annual meeting, Hawaii, March 26, 2022.
2020 Workshop on Academic Presentations, presented at the NAIITS PhD Virtual Colloquium 2020, June 2020.

2021 The German Reformation, Luther, and Protestant Reformation Women, presented by invitation from Dr. Shivraj Mahendra, MDiv History of Christianity course, Luther W. New Theological College, Dehradun, India, Oct 4, 2021.
2020 History and Theology of Art in Christian Mission History: Early Church till the Sixteenth-Century, lecture series, presented by invitation from Principal Rev. Vidush Bhandari, Doon Bible College, Dehradun, India, January 17, 2020.
2019 Theological Themes and Trends in the Jesuit Mission in China (1552-1773), presented by invitation from Dr. Lalsangkima Pachuau, MH968 World Christianity, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky, US, December 5, 2019.
2019 Art, Theology, and Christian Mission, presented by invitation from Dr. Stanley John, Alliance Theological Seminary, Manhattan, New York City, October 23, 2019.
2019 Johannine Theology of Mission, presented by invitation from Dr. Juliet Uytanlet, Biblical Seminary of the Philippines, Valenzuela City, Philippines, January 29, 2019.

2022 “A New Kinship: Adoption in MT 1 and Christian History.” In Graphē: Toward a Scripture-Shaped Life, 2022 Issue One, 3.
2021“Breathing Life: Meet 8 Women from History Whose Lives Were Shaped by Prayer — and Whose Prayer Practices Can Shape Ours.” In Christianity Today, 2021 Special Issue: Teach Us to Pray, 24-29. (Digital edition is titled “8 Prayer Mentors from History” and it is available at: history-susangeline-patrick.html?share=5v6wxpPBAjoyxfa1p2Ns2jMqiVNSCLfm Spanish edition: ocho-mentoras-historia-iglesia-mujeres-es.html)
2021 Walker, Alice F. and Susangeline Patrick. Born to Fly: The Story of a Model Airplane. Multi-lingual edition. CreateSpace, March 2021.
2020 “The First Native American Saint’s Life was Scarred by Smallpox,” Morgan Lee’s interview of Susangeline Patrick. Christianity Today, Prayer amid Pandemic Episode 16, June 26, 2020. pandemic/native-americans-smallpox-mohawk-kateri-tekakwitha.html
2020 “The Bitter Cup and the Good Road.” MissionalPreacher, American Society of Missiology, April 5, 2020. a#Sixth%20Sunday

Classes Taught

Community & Service
Critical Developments in the History of Christianity
Global Development of Wesleyan Holiness Movements
History of Christian Doctrine
History of North American Christianity
History of Women in World Christianity
History & Theology of Art in World Christianity
Religions of the World

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