Dr. Victor Price

Dr. Victor A. Price

Rev. Dr. Victor Price has been named Pastor in Residence for the Spring 2020 semester. Dr. Price is the pastor of Second Church, a church hosting multiple congregations in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He is also a mental health counselor and a licensed clinical social worker.

NTS President Dr. Jeren Rowell said, “We are thrilled that Pastor Price has agreed to serve as Pastor in Residence at NTS for the upcoming spring semester. Dr. Price serves on the Board of Trustees and has modeled throughout his own ministry the important work of the pastor-theologian. The congregation that Rev. Dr. Price leads in the Boston area is a wonderful example of truly multi-cultural ministry; not simply multiple ethnicities in proximity, but cultures coming together and learning from one another under the lordship of Jesus Christ. I am delighted that Dr. Price will bring this experience and wisdom to the NTS Community.”

The Pastor in Residence program was developed in 2019 as a way to bring excellent ministry practitioners into close proximity and dialogue with current NTS students through writing, participation in academic presentations and dialogue, and extending a ministry of presence.

Read Dr. Price’s full bio and learn more about the Pastor in Residence program here.

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