Use this form if you are presenting a lecture, webinar, or otherwise public presentation for an NTS event or publication.

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Nazarene Theological Seminary (hereafter referred to as “NTS”) to make an audio and/or video recording of my presentation(s) and to duplicate and distribute the recording in perpetuity to the NTS community, Praxis Studio Subscribers, and the general public by various means, including, but not limited to, CD, audio cassette, DVD, video tape and via the Internet as downloadable and/or streaming media files.

I further understand and agree that NTS may charge a reasonable administration fee to cover the costs of duplicating any text, audio, video, and other media from my presentation(s).

I authorize NTS in perpetuity to use text, audio, video, and other media from my presentation(s), as well as my name, my physical likeness, voice, and any photographs, film, audio tape, video tape and/or digitized images of me and/or my presentation(s) in any NTS online venue and in any other advertising/marketing materials prepared and distributed by NTS.

I understand and agree that NTS makes no warranties or promises regarding unauthorized use by others and that the seminary is not responsible for any unauthorized use of text, audio, video, and other media from my presentation(s) by any person, and I agree to hold NTS harmless from all such uses.

I promise that I either exclusively own all rights, title, and interest in all materials used in my presentation(s) or have obtained prior written authorization to use someone else’s copyrighted material. I agree to defend and to hold NTS harmless from any and all claims of copyright violation resulting from the use of my presentation materials.

If the above stated terms and conditions of this Release are acceptable to you, please sign and date this form as indicated below: (*A faxed or scanned and emailed, or digital signature will be treated in all respects as an original signature)

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