Life in Kansas City

Timelapse video used with permission by artist Tim Lair.

The Kansas City metro area sits on the border of Missouri and Kansas and has a population of 2.34 million people. KC is home to many colleges and universities and several notable corporations are headquartered here. It is filled with opportunities to enjoy sports, the arts and a diversity of cultures. An international airport allows for travel anywhere in the world. Learn more about what Kansas City has to offer at KC Tourism.

NTS Is located near the Brookside neighborhood, which is currently experiencing a resurgence of development. NTS has also developed partnerships to provide housing and employment opportunities for students.

We would love to invite you to visit our campus in Kansas City in person where you can see the campus, meet faculty and students, and sit in on a class. Or, we can easily arrange a virtual class visit via video conference. Please contact us directly and we would love to introduce you to life at NTS!

Why consider Kansas City?


Residential students have significantly more courses to choose from. This means they have more opportunity to tailor their degree program to suit their specific theological interests (for example, urban ministry, or missional theology, or the Pauline epistles).

Our traditional full semester classes meet between one and three times a week, and can occur in the morning, afternoon or evening. With more courses to choose from, residential students can take 12 or more credit hours each semester and thus finish their degree faster (MDiv students can finish in as quickly as three years; MA students in two years).


Moving is a major life change that can help you clear away the clutter, minimize distractions and focus your attention on your goals. Whether you study part-time or full-time, relocating to Kansas City might be the right way for you to dedicate this time in your life for ministry preparation.


Living in Kansas City will give you more face-to-face interaction with professors and fellow students – not just in class, but also in the professor’s office, at the coffee shop, in your living room, or at church. One of the most-loved aspects of NTS by our alumni is the quality of the faculty.


The NTS William Broadhurst Library gives you access to more than 150,000 titles and 320 periodicals, with significant resources focused on the Wesleyan-holiness tradition. Whether it’s for coursework or for ministry, your study of the Bible will be greatly enhanced by the wide range of commentaries, monographs and other materials.


The students, staff and faculty of NTS share a unique community where education and training for ministry are integrated with faith and everyday life. Even in the midst of our studies, we worship God together and support each other through community formation.

For Nazarenes, there are over 80 churches on the Kansas City district, ranging from small to corporate-sized, rural to urban, traditional to more liturgical. For Non-Nazarenes, the same applies to the wider Body of Christ. Finding a community to call home is easier than you think!

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