NTS Cabinet

NTS President Jeren Rowell

Jeren Rowell

President/Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Faculty Member Josh Sweeden

Josh Sweeden

Dean of the Faculty/Associate Professor of Church & Society

Staff Member Tim McPherson

Tim McPherson

Dean for Advancement

Staff Member Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller

Dean for Administration/CFO

NTS Board of Trustees

Rev. Dr. David Downs

Board Chair, Clergy Representative SNU

Mr. Monroe Ballard

Lay Representative-at-large

Dr. Cynthia Black

Lay Representative-at-large

Mr. Allen Brown

Lay Representative PLNU

Mr. Scott Couchenour

Lay Representative MVNU

Mr. Chad Cook

Lay Representative at-large

To Be Filled

Lay Representative TNU

Rev. Dr. Stephen Estep

Alumni Association President

Mrs. Dawn Falk

Lay Representative Canada

Dr. Robert Helstrom

Lay Representative NNU

Mr. Howard Hendrick

Lay Representative SNU

Rev. Tara Beth Leach

Clergy Representative at-large

Rev. David Brian Lutz

Clergy Representative MVNU

Mr. Merritt H. Mann

Lay Representative ENC

Rev. Olivia Metcalf

Clergy Representative at-large

Rev. Dr. Victor Price

Clergy Representative ENC

Dr. Mary Margaret Reed

Lay Representative ONU

Rev. Dr. Orlando R. Serrano

Clergy Representative at-large

Mrs. Barbara Tarantino

Lay Representative at-large

Rev. Dr. Thomas Taylor

Clergy Representative PLNU

Rev. Dr. Brian Thomas

Clergy Representative NNU

Mr. Ron Turpin

Lay Representative at-large

Rev. Dr. Kevin Ulmet

Clergy Representative TNU

Mr. Juan Vazquez

Lay Representative at-large

Rev. Dr. Mike Kitsko

Clergy Representative ONU

Dr. Jeannie Williams

Lay Representative MNU

Rev. Earl Wood

Clergy Representative Canada

Rev. Dr. Vicki Copp

Clergy Representative MNU

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