Giving TuesdayRev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo

Scholarship for Hispanic Students

The Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship for Hispanic Students was created in May 2016 by NTS Trustee Juan and Ines Vazquez, honoring Juan’s father on his 90th birthday.

Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo has been a Nazarene pastor since 1956. He pastored for 46 years in Puerto Rico and started missionary work with the late William Porter in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Rev. Vazquez opened four new churches in Puerto Rico and prepared thirteen new pastors on the island; he is now assisting the Church of the Nazarene in Levittown, Puerto Rico as Dean of Pastors. Fueled by a passion for holiness, Rev. Vazquez loves to preach the gospel and devotedly prepares a sermon every week.

Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo, thank you for your example. Thank you for your continuing service. Thank you for your heart for God, your heart for holiness, your love for others, and your lifetime commitment to the mission of the Church of the Nazarene.

Miles with a MissionThe Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship for Hispanic Students will also be NTS’ featured cause for the February 2019 “One Heart—Many Hands Miles with a Mission” campaign. NTS Dean for Advancement Rev. Tim McPherson will be joining Dr. Gary Morsch and friends in a motorcycle adventure across Cuba to raise funds for medical supplies or, for those who give through NTS, the Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo Scholarship. Learn more at

2018 Goal: $5,000

Raised 100%
Rev. and Mrs. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo
Rev. and Mrs. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo

Our prayer is that, through this scholarship, Rev. Ángel Vázquez Carrillo’s passion for holiness will shape future generations of Hispanic preachers, transforming the world through the grace of God.

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