Job Overview

Hours: Part-time (more than 20 hrs.)

Wage Type: Hourly

Education Requirements/Preference: High School diploma

Job Requirements:

Coordinating and overseeing the operation of the overnight duties of the shelter department.

Additional Information/Comments:
Duties include: A. Check-in of reserved bed clients and Day Sleeper clients, as necessary. B. Perform C-COR and client bed checks. C. Enforce midnight curfew for C-COR participants. D. Do a walk-through of the entire Mission at least every two hours. E. Work with Food Services Assistant to coordinate morning kitchen and dining room activities. F. Coordinate morning shower room, dormitory, and check out activities including early wake-ups and C-COR community service assignments. G. Initiate and develop positive relationships with clients and C-COR participants. H. Maintain the daily log. I. Sanitize breathalyzer mouthpieces. J. Record inventory of supplies and replenish as needed. K. Offer encouragement and carry out discipline as necessary.


Kansas City Rescue Mission

1520 Cherry Street
Kansas City,MO–64108


Tim Bourland

Phone: (816) 421-7643


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