Job Overview

Hours: Part-time (more than 20 hrs.)

Wage Type: Hourly

Education Requirements/Preference: High School diploma

Job Requirements:

This person is responsible to provide the Kansas City Rescue Mission with safe, efficient pick-up and delivery service as well as timely and effective custodial work.

Additional Information/Comments:
Duties and Responsibilities: A. Drive company vehicles for various errands as assigned B. Provide transportation for clients, staff, etc., as needed C. Arrange for and drive rental vehicles as necessary D. Keep the vehicles fueled and well maintained, reporting any maintenance needs as observed E. Monitor the janitorial work of others to insure the thorough cleaning of all assigned areas at the scheduled time, and personally address any outstanding issues F. Oversee the proper use of all cleaning chemicals, fill all dispensers, and respond to urgent cleaning requests G. Be responsive to the call for assistance during inclement weather


Kansas City Rescue Mission

1520 Cherry Street
Kansas City,MO–64108


Tim Bourland

Phone: (816) 421-7643


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