Job Overview

Hours: Part-time (less than 20 hrs.)

Wage Type: Other

Education Requirements/Preference: Bachelors

Job Requirements:

For a 70% rent discount, would you like to go on a community building and missional living adventure? Please see the attachment.

Additional Information/Comments:
Apartment Life coordinators serve an apartment community by... • Planning and hosting events for the residents in the apartment community for the purpose of caring for and connecting with residents, connecting residents to one another and to services and great local businesses in the wider community. • Providing a caring touch to residents and staff with the help of other residents and a network of community support. • Inviting residents to share online about their great experience in the community. We call this enhancing online reputation, • Administrating their program at key points every month by developing monthly calendars/event flyers/social media posts to market activities to residents, managing an event budget process, preparing monthly summaries, meeting with staff for planning, and meeting with their program director for equipping and development. • Engaging a support team of volunteers, vendors, and community partners to maximize budget and impact. • Many coordinators visit new residents shortly after move-in to invite them to connect to the community. They may also visit residents who are near the end of their lease term to connect with them as well.


Apartment Life

PO box 650951
united states


Bill Barton

Phone: 2173031917

Email: [email protected]

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