NTS Develops Strategic Partnership with Brookside Charter School

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July 2, 2024  

Nazarene Theological Seminary Develops Strategic Collaboration
with Brookside Charter School 

Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) develops a strategic collaboration agreement with Brookside Charter School (BCS). Brookside Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school serving over 700 Pre-K through 8th grade students within the boundaries of the Kansas City Public School District. 

As NTS shifts from a residential campus to a hybrid, digitally mediated seminary engaging ministers across the United States, NTS remains committed to developing a stronger community in the heart of Kansas City through its 22-acre campus. Since 2018, NTS has developed community partnerships to help leverage the campus to serve Kansas Citians, specifically those in the Tri-Blenheim neighborhood. Currently, Brookside Charter School, St. Aiden’s Anglican Church, and Total Life Church of the Nazarene utilizes the NTS campus to strengthen the fifth district of Kansas City.  

Recently, NTS and BCS entered a long-term collaboration that includes NTS leasing the King Conference Center and the Baber Commons in multi-year agreements that will strategically advance both institutions and the Tri-Blenheim community.  

These beloved buildings will be remembered for serving as gathering places for wedding receptions, game nights, retreat spaces, conferences, doctoral dissertation writing, or a quick lunch and conversation among colleagues. In the near future, Brookside Charter School plans to re-model these properties to create a state-of-the-art STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) lab and administrative offices for the school. Benefits include enhanced learning opportunities, integration of arts and sciences, and increased community engagement, administrative efficiency, and professional development.  

Roger Offield, superintendent of BCS, commented, “Brookside Charter School continues to expand quality education options in our educational community. As we maneuver through expansion, we are thankful for the Nazarene Theological Seminary’s continued partnership in support of our growth. Because of our partnership with NTS, we can create a STEAM Lab, transportation lot, and district office space to house the Brookside Virtual Academy. We are thankful for NTS’ continued commitment to improving the Kansas City community.” 

This partnership offers NTS an opportunity to affirm its commitment to advance the fifth district of Kansas City. Most importantly, this partnership allows NTS to retain its debt-free campus, enables major renovations and upgrades to the property, increases diversification of income, and creates a re-alignment of budgetary priorities to enable a deeper focus on students, clergy preparation, and faith-integrated resources.   

Since 2018, BCS has partnered with NTS, first with the lease of needed parking spaces, and later with the renting of office space for administrative staff in 2021. The leasing of the King Conference Center and the Baber Commons will now allow BCS to provide opportunities for students to develop their academic and leadership potential, thereby increasing the stability and prosperity of the surrounding community.   

NTS President Dr. Jeren Rowell commented, “We appreciate the continued collaboration with Brookside Charter School and their vision to create future leaders within the community. The benefit of our collaboration helps secure our vision of forming faithful and effective ministers of the gospel.” 


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