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November 1, 2021

Nazarene Theological Seminary is grateful for recent gifts to advance the mission and legacy of the late Thomas G. Nees, NTS graduate, pastor, author, and the first director of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

The Metro NY District and Dr. Gary and Vickie Morsch each gave $10,000 (totaling $20k) to the Tom Nees Lectureship on Social Justice.

These challenge all to contribute, in gifts large and small, $10k in matching funds for the lectureship. Furthermore, Dr. Morsch states that if new contributions reach $20k, he and Vicki will give an additional $10,000! Altogether, this would add $50k to the Tom Nees Lectures on Social Justice endowment! Dr. Morsch also encourages all to be watching for a new release on Amazon, “A Prophet Among Us: The Legacy of Tom Nees,” by many contributors who knew Tom well, and Al Truesdale, editor.

In addition, the Manhattan Initiative gave $10,000 to start the new Tom Nees Social Justice Scholarship and encourage all to give toward a $10k match for the new scholarship.

Dr. Sam Vassel, Metro NY District Superintendent, comments:

Tom Nees has been a friend of the Metro NY District and the Manhattan Initiative for decades. He has advised our Boards, and our leadership, in ways of advancing the Kingdom in an urban context. His passion for justice and compassion resulted in our naming of The Tom Nees Center for Compassion, Justice, and Immigration on the Metro District. It’s our extreme pleasure to provide financial support to NTS for the Tom Nees Lecture series and to establish the Tom Nees Social Justice Scholarship.

With gratitude, Dr. Jeren Rowell comments:

As Tom taught us, “our times need what Wesley and his followers provided for an earlier age – evangelism and social reform combined in one gospel presentation” (Nees, Compassion Evangelism, p. 9). The community of Nazarene Theological Seminary is profoundly grateful for the faithful and effective life and ministry of our alumnus, Dr. Tom Nees (Class of 1962). And I am personally thankful for the intentional investment that Tom made in my life.

To give, please contact me or see the links below. Some have already responded with recent gifts! Together, we can advance the gospel in word and deed!

Tim McPherson


Rev. Tim McPherson
Dean for Advancement, Nazarene Theological Seminary
[email protected] | 816-787-5911



  • Give now to the Tom Nees Lectures on Social Justice. Please include “Nees Lectures” in the comments field.
  • Give now to the new Tom Nees Social Justice Scholarship. Please include “Nees Scholarship” in the scholarship name field.
  • See “Remembering Tom Nees” and information on the Tom Nees Social Justice Lectures.
  • View the most recent Nees Lecture on the Center for Pastoral Leadership’s video library.

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