Children, Youth, Adult or Family Ministry Diploma

The age level and family ministry diplomas are designed to serve persons who are currently serving as age level or family ministers, or who anticipate becoming such. 

This Diploma may be earned as a component of a MACFD Degree or M. Div. Degree. It is also available to persons not pursuing a degree and/or who do not anticipate a full-time ministry career.

The age level and family ministry diplomas are composed of 24 semester hours and can be completed in a single academic year.

  • THEOLOGY/BIBLE  (6 hrs)
  • BIB/OTL/NTL Biblical Area Electives  (3 hrs)
  • CHS/THE/PHL Church History/Theology/Philosophy Electives  (3 hrs)
  • Age level or Family Ministry  (12 hrs)
  • CED515  Persons along the Life Course  (3 hrs)
  • CED630/640/650/660  Ministry with Children/Youth/Adult or Family Ministry  (3 hrs)
  • CED Options  Age Level/Family Ministry (6 hrs)
  • CED/PTH Supplemental Courses in Pastoral/Christian Education  (6 hrs)

Upon advisement by the MACFD Degree Director, limited course substitution can be made.