Current Year:  Sunday, January 31, 2016
Next Year:  Sunday, January 29, 2016

*Please Note:  Churches are welcome to take an offering for and/or promote their partnership with NTS on Seminarian Offering Sunday or on the Sunday that is most convenient for them! 

Download an electronic version of the 2016 Seminarian Offering Poster A: 

Download an electronic version of the 2016 Seminarian Offering Poster B:

Download short videos-including of our President, Dr. Carla Sunberg -for use in your local church on our You Tube page at      

On January 31, 2016, the Church of the Nazarene in the U. S. and Canada will celebrate Nazarene Theological Seminary via the annual SEMINARIAN OFFERING.  We are grateful for this opportunity to focus the Church’s attention on the many committed women and men enrolled at NTS.  This annual offering provides important financial support for NTS, but most importantly it provides much needed financial support for our future pastors, missionaries, chaplains, evangelists and teachers.

The SEMINARIAN OFFERING is about our students and their capacity to serve the church and respond to the call God has placed on their lives. Together, we can help them fulfill this calling. Your investment via the SEMINARIAN OFFERING is an investment in the future of our congregations globally.  Our students are asking you to SEND THEM—they are ready and we want to provide them with the financial support that preparation and education requires.   

There are several ways you and your church can partner with our students:

  1. Increase your annual budgeted allocation for NTS.
  2. Take an offering for NTS—on January 31,2016, or on the Sunday that works best for your local church. 
  3. Whether you budget for NTS or take an offering:   Please dedicate a portion of your January 31, 2016 worship service—or the Sunday that works best for your local church —to tell the story of NTS and why the Church needs prepared and informed clergy.  Even one minute highlighting the Seminary and praying for our students would be greatly appreciated!

NTS was established in 1945 with the expressed purpose to prepare preachers.  We intend to proclaim and live that purpose. Dr. J.B. Chapman clearly articulated our mission when the Seminary was founded: “We do not hesitate to say that we need more preachers and better preachers.  Saying that we need better preachers reminds us that in order to have better preachers we must have a certain percentage that have college training and seminary advantages.  We must give our young preachers the advantage of the very best there is in Seminary training, and yet, we must place the Nazarene stamp indelibly upon them while the process is going on.”  A lot has changed since Dr. Chapman wrote those words. What has not changed is God’s calling of each generation to lift up the name of Jesus.  We have ministers ready to PREPARE, ready to be SENT, and ready to SERVE.  I am asking you to rise up and support them in pursuit of their calling.

DID YOU KNOW: The Seminarian Offering is eligible for 10% giving credit for your local church! Download a PDF for step by step instructions to ensure you receive credit.

Information on Offering Materials:

  • Packets with materials such as posters and offering envelopes are mailed out to churches in the U. S. and Canada in December; to request additional materials, please fill out the online request form
  • Download an electronic version of the 2016 Seminarian Offering Posters by using the links at the top of this page.  
  • Download short videos that you can play in your church service that talk about NTS; the link is at the top of this page.