Hannah Beers

Director of Recruitment, Recruiting ONU Region and new area schools.
Graduate of NTS with Master of Divinity degree and Diploma in Cross-Cultural Studies
Graduate of NNU with degrees in Political Science and Communications and minor in Spanish 


Brett Baumgardner

Administrative Assistant and NTS Recruiter for DMin
Graduate of TNU with a degree in Worship Arts and a minor in Communications
Studying at NTS: Master of Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling


Kristin Encarnacion

NTS Recruiter for SNU and International Studies
Graduated from SNU with BS in Elementary Education and minor in Music
Studying at NTS: Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies


Kirstyn Grani Teegarden

NTS Recruiter for MNU and TNU Regions
Graduate of PLNU with a degree in Therapeutic and Community Psychology
Studying at NTS: Master of Divinity with a certificate in Cross-Cultural Ministry


Kevin Portillo

NTS Recruiter for NNU and ONU regions.
Graduate of PLNU with degrees in Philosophy/Theology and Christian Ministry.
Studying at NTS: Master of Divinity


Drew Simon

NTS Recruiter for ONU and ENC
Graduate of MVNU with a BA degree in Youth Ministry
Studying at NTS: Master of Divinity and a Certificate in Cross-Cultural Studies