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Celebration and Excitement Highlight the Spring Board of Trustee Meeting at Nazarene Theological Seminary

The Board of Trustees for Nazarene Theological Seminary met on April 6, 2017 on the NTS Campus in Kansas City, MO.

“We are excited about where NTS has come the last four years under the leadership of Dr. Carla Sunberg our President,” said Rev. Dr. Jeren Rowell (video interview), Kansas City District Superintendent and NTS Chairman of the Board of Trustees. “We are experiencing excitement and vibrancy and anticipation of what the future will hold for us as God continues to lead us into the future.”

NTS will soon roll out new academic programs to help students better pursue their theological education in a fast-changing world. Our strong faculty is a valuable resource to students, the denomination and the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. The NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership is a tremendous resource for all who desire to grow and earn continuing education units throughout the entire arc of their ministry. NTS is serving the community in significant ways, including rehabbing area homes for student housing, leading the RefreshKC neighborhood painting project and more.

Finally, the latest Board of Trustee meeting focused on celebration. A dinner was held in Dr. Roger Hahn’s honor, as he will soon step aside as Dean of Faculty, but continue teaching at NTS. Dr. Hahn has provided fifteen years of faithful and effective service and has impacted so many lives at NTS and beyond. “Dr. Hahn is a man who loves God and who has given himself in wholehearted service to the kingdom and the church. He is a great scholar who will continue to shape our biblical understanding for years to come. I am personally grateful for the wisdom he has freely shared and for his many years of humble service. His leadership as Dean of the Faculty will be missed, but I am thankful that he will continue to serve on the NTS faculty, even after he steps down as Dean next year,” said Dr. Carla Sunberg.

Dr. Josh Sweeden will assume the role of Dean of Faculty on July 1, 2017 and will help lead NTS into the future!


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