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End of Year Giving

Dear friends of NTS,

Greetings from your Seminary. As we move into a new chapter in the life of NTS, there is a sense of anticipation and hope rising from our confidence that God continues to guide us into a bright future. Hope is a key theme during the days of Advent and Christmas. Hope is what our Lord Jesus Christ brings to the world. God continues to call ministers to preach the gospel and to guide the people of God to bear witness to our hope in Christ.  

Students who pursue ministry preparation at NTS and those who support the Seminary have something in common: A prayer that God’s kingdom come and his will be done, on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). I would call this “hope.” Over 6,000 NTS alumni have been ambassadors of hope around the world since the Seminary’s launch in 1945.

Though today’s world is changing rapidly, two things remain the same: 1) NTS still prepares women and men to be faithful and effective ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and 2) NTS still relies upon faithful and generous gifts from people like you—people of hope. We are thankful for your support.

As December 31, 2017 approaches, will you prayerfully consider making a special, tax-deductible “End-of-the-Year” gift to NTS? It will mean so much—to our students, faculty, churches and communities everywhere—as the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ brings hope to this world.

Peace of the Lord,

Jeren Rowell, President


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