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A New Logo: Anchored in the Past, Moving into the Future

It was a beautiful summer night, and my husband and I were driving back to the NTS campus. There in the dusk of the oncoming night, the outline of the main building was visible and the warm glow of light coming from the tower appeared as a beacon up on the hill. The light poured out from the four-circle rose windows which adorn the top of the tower. These windows are a part of our building’s architecture, as well as a part of the architecture of church history, dating back to the medieval period when these geometric shapes began to adorn the churches and cathedrals of Europe, representing the radiance of the Spirit and an expression of the human desire for wholeness. These windows are found within the entire architecture of NTS, from the main building and the library, to the wrought-iron works of the stairwells. In the 1970’s, this window design was the logo for NTS, for this piece of our architectural history represents the fact that we are a part of the greater story of all of Christianity, and that we are a people who believe in wholeness found in holiness.

In many ways, our new logo represents our mission statement. The windows of the institution remind us of our heritage as a graduate school of theology, rooted in a very rich Christian history. At the same time the flowing cross in the deep color of flames reminds us of the centrality of Christ in our holiness message and heritage. We are a graduate school of theology in the Wesleyan-holiness tradition, shaping more pastors, better pastors and leaders for the future of the kingdom, and serving as a theological resource to the Church of the Nazarene.  

Our new logo may be anchored in the past, but it is also moving us into the future. Inherent in the brush strokes of the cross is movement, for we are a missional seminary, serving a missional church. Just as we are drawn to the light of the tower in the midst of oncoming darkness, so may the Seminary continue to be light in the world.

– Dr. Carla Sunberg | NTS President



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