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Nees Social Justice Award

Congratulations to Ms. Jessica McConnell who is the recipient of this year’s Tom Nees Social Justice Award for her paper, “The Horrors of Sex Trafficking & The Need for Redeeming Love.”  (You may download and read her paper by clicking on the title above).  

Dr. Tom Nees is widely recognized as the one who led the way in renewing the Church of the Nazarene’s understanding of its call to minister to and among those in need through the development of the Community of Hope in Washington D.C. Dr. Nees later served as Director of Mission Strategy for the Church of the Nazarene in the United States and Canada and as adjunct faculty for NTS, teaching urban ministry courses. The Nees Social Justice Award, as well as the Nees Lecturship, were made possible by a generous gifr from NTS alumnus, Jim Copple, in 2007.

You may read the papers of previous year’s winners of the Nees Social Justice Award by clicking on the titles of their papers, listed below:

2007  |  Jodi Belcher  |  “Why Equality is not Enough:  The Theological Significance of Social Justice”

2008  |  Tim Gaines  |  “A Christian Aesthetics of Justice: Toward the Reversal of Our Own Tragic Flaw”

2009  |  Montague Williams  |  “King’s Journey:  Martin Luther King, Twentieth-Century Theological Ethics, and Luke 4:18-19”

2010  |  Shawna Songer Gaines  |  “Justice for the Other: Re-imagining the Hospitable Self in God’s Plan of Salvation”

2011  |  Joseph Goodwin  |  “Social Justice:  A Manifesto to the Missio Dei

2011  |  Cassandra Lara  |  “Following God’s Call:  Seeing the Neglected and Oppressed”

2012  |  Jonathan Sutter  |  “Personal Holiness as the Source of Christian Social Justice:  A Case Study of Holiness and Hospitality in the Life of Abba Macarius the Egyptian”

2013  |  Jonathan Platter  |  “The Trinity, Social Justice, and the Missio Dei:  A Trinitarian Construal of Agency, Treating Social Justice as Paradigmatic of Christian Action”


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