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Last week, the Nazarene Theological Seminary Board of Trustees met in Kansas City for their fall meeting, during which they addressed the issue of relocation.  The discussion ended with a unanimously positive vote, full of great emotion, to “bring to conclusion the discussion of the relocation of NTS, committing to 1700 East Meyer Blvd (Kansas City, Missouri) as our central campus.”

After the vote, Dr. Sam Vassel, Senior Pastor of Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene stated, “I am deeply moved that the Seminary would make a commitment to remaining in the city.” 

Last fall during the time of Presidential transition, there was discussion about the Seminary relocating to the campus of Trevecca Nazarene University (TNU) in Nashville, Tennessee.  This offer from TNU prompted a larger discussion about relocation that has been ongoing over the past year.

“We are thankful to God for his provision over the past several months,” shared Dr. Jeren Rowell, Chair of the NTS Board of Trustees.  “As a Board, we felt that we must do our due diligence in investigating location changes in light of both the Trevecca proposal and the Presidential transition.  However, given all the ways in which God has more than provided for NTS since the election of Dr. Sunberg as President, it has become clear to us that relocating is not in the best interest of the Seminary, nor is it financially necessary or viable.”

NTS is committed to keeping its current location in Kansas City as the central campus, and to strengthening relationships and partnerships with other nearby organizations.   “We are committed to not just being here in this neighborhood,” shared NTS president Dr. Carla Sunberg, “but also to making a difference in this neighborhood; the opportunities for doing so are numerous.”

“And we want to be sure that current and future students know that we plan to be here in our current location in Kansas City for many years to come,” continued Sunberg.  “Here on our KC campus, our students, staff and faculty share a unique community where education and training for ministry are integrated with faith and everyday life. Even in the midst of our studies, we worship God together and support one another.  And I am incredibly excited to be able to announce that this learning community will remain in Kansas City.”

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Reader Comments (9)

I am elated to hear of this. In an age where much relocation is done in the supposed "best interest of the Church" we often forget that the Church of the Nazarene was birthed in an age of preaching Holiness in a society of the marginalized.

Praying for my NTS family!

Dr. Rick McClain, NTS Grad
MRE -1984

I am thrilled to hear this decision is made. My time at NTS has been amazing. I have lived in Kansas City since 1994 and have fallen in love with the city. My educational pursuits will require relocation, but I am thankful I will be able to come home to Kansas City and visit my seminary.

Congratulations on making this decision.

10.9.2014 | Unregistered CommenterSamuel Kribbs

It is wonderful that everyone agreed to stay in KCMO. I am so pleased that I am praising the Lord for for your the Holy Spirit.

I am always for our urban church remaining viable and changing the urban community. If this is an economically and educationally viable choice, congratulations to our NTS leadership!
The path Dr. Sunberg has outlined is precisely what has happened at Trevecca, and a big part of what Trevecca is today.
Especially with the move of headquarters and the dissolution of NPH, the commitment to not only remain in but become a community partner on The Paseo is a brave commitment.
My first event at NTS was the compassionate ministry conference- before I was a student there!
I believe the school actually becoming a bigger part of that community can be a secret to its growth, revival and Kingdom impact, while improving opportunities for growing students. Our Seminary will remain in our prayers and have our support!

10.9.2014 | Unregistered CommenterPastor Joe Bell

I am thrilled at this news. Alongside the Royals making a run in the playoffs, this is a welcome breath of fresh air in light of negative news received from Kansas City earlier this month.

10.9.2014 | Unregistered CommenterMitchel Modine

What a delight to hear this news! Thank you, President Sunberg and the Board of NTS for leading the way for us all.

Greg Crofford
Class of '89

10.9.2014 | Unregistered CommenterGreg Crofford

I am thankful for the decision and commitment to remain in the same location. I realize the building is older, has many needs for expansion and renewal but it is at the center of Nazarene History, a sacrifice from the hearts of Nazarene's around the world. I have great pride every time I drive around the corner and catch a view of that building sitting on the hill. May those who learn and grow at NTS also minister to those who live within its reach.

I too am thrill that NTS is staying in Kansas City and it's present location. I attended from 1977 to 1983. While did not finish. I learned what it means to have my "Theology wears Overalls". I use everyday what I learned at NTS, in the classroom and in the community in which it is located, in my present job. Do you know how many people come into a supermarket in SoCal. And I get to meet each one of them in my position of Manager at the Market. Richard Golde

11.6.2014 | Unregistered CommenterRichard Golde

I am thrilled that NTS is staying in and not moving.

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