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NTS President David Busic Elected 40th General Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene

NTS President Dr. David Busic has been elected the 40th General Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene.  He was elected on the 21st ballot with 722 votes (648 needed for election). 

In his address to the assembly after his election Busic shared, “My brothers and sisters, I find myself experiencing two emotions at once.  First, incredible gratitude to the Church and to God; except for the grace of God I have nothing and I am nothing.  And apart from the Church, I have been given nothing.  The other emotion I have is amazing humility that the Church would extend this honor to me.  I have never felt adequate for the call that God has placed on my life, but I have always known His power to help me do what He has called me to do.  And it is providential that the report on Scripture would be given prior to my election, because I have submitted myself to the authority of God’s word my whole life.  I am a servant of the Church.”

Busic closed his address by saying, “I am submitted to the will of the Church.  And with great humility, I accept your affirmation and I commit to be the kind of leader who continues to lead us into our best days as a Christian church, as a holiness church and as a missional church.”

View/read his full speech here

Of Busic’s election, Dr. Jeren Rowell (Chair NTS Board of Trustees) shared, “The Board of Trustees congratulates President Busic on his election to the office of general superintendent. The global family of Nazarenes will be blessed by his leadership. While we clearly regret losing his direct leadership of NTS, we are confident that God will again provide the right leader for this time. We pray the grace and peace of Christ for the Busic family in this time of transition.”

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Reader Comments (2)

I rejoice with my fellow Nazarenes worldwide over the election of Dr. David Busic as our 40th general superintendent, and I pray with my fellow alumni for a successor who will continue to lead our seminary forward with the same passion and vision that David gave to the role. +>j

06.26.2013 | Unregistered CommenterJay Akkerman

Congratulations to Dr. Busic on his election as General Superintendent. We should remember that this is not just an expression of confidence in our NTS president, but also in NTS itself. At least that is how I see it!

07.4.2013 | Unregistered CommenterScott Mapes
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