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NTS Alumni are Resourcing the Church

NTS alumni are contributing a great deal to ministry resources!  Here is a list of publications—which includes only those of which we are aware (there are likely MANY more)—that our graduates since 2000 have written or contributed to:    [*contributor, **editor]

  • The Church and Work: The Ecclesiastical Grounding of Good Work (forthcoming) – Josh Sweeden (MDiv 2007)
  • Conversations on Holiness – * **Keith Davenport (MDiv 2012), *Libby Tedder Hugus (MDiv 2012), *Philip Friday (MDiv 2011), *Carla Sunberg (MA(TS) 2004)
  • Covering Up Luther: How Barth’s Christology Challenged the Deus Absconditus that Haunts Modernity – Rustin Brian (MDiv 2005)
  • Created to Worship: God’s Invitation to Become Fully Human – Brent Peterson (MDiv 2000)
  •  Creation and Chaos Talk: Charting a Way Forward – Eric Vail (MDiv 2005)
  • An Evangelical Social Gospel?: Finding God’s Story in the Midst of Extremes – Tim Suttle (MDiv 2010)
  • Marks of the Missional Church (forthcoming) – Libby Tedder Hugus (MDiv 2012), Jason Veach (MDiv 2006)
  • Missional Discipleship: Partners in God’s Redemptive Mission – *Brian Postlewait (MA(TS) 2003)
  • The Mosaic Experiment: Bringing Old Testament Practices Out of Retirement – Lucas Cole (MDiv 2012), Padraic Ingle (MA(TS) 2009), Brian Schafer (MDiv 2009), Wendie Brockhaus (MDiv 2009)
  • The Next Generation of Wesleyan Theology: Twenty-First Century Challenges and New Directions (forthcoming) – *Nell Becker Sweeden (MDiv 2007)
  • One in Christ: Reconciliation, Justice, and Mutuality – *J. Thomas Johnson (MDiv 2009), *Julene Tegerstrand (MDiv 2004), *Deanna Hayden (MDiv 2006), *Kevin Smith (MA(TS) 2011), *Libby Tedder Hugus (MDiv 2012), *Wilson Ryland (MDiv 2011), *Ryan Scott (MDiv 2009), *Molly Latchaw (MDiv 2010), *Margaret Bryce (MDiv 2005), *Stephen Stanley (MDiv 2012), *Sarah Voigt (MDiv 2009), *Jason Veach (MDiv 2006)
  • Pastoral Practices: A Wesleyan Paradigm – *Nell Becker Sweeden (MDiv 2007)
  • Postmodern and Wesleyan?: Exploring the Boundaries and Possibilities – * **Brent Peterson (MDiv 2000), *Kara Lyons-Pardue (MDiv 2005), *Dustin Metcalf (MA(TS) 2004), *Christa Klosterman (MDiv 2002), *Brian Postlewait (MA(TS) 2003)
  • Presence-Centered Youth Ministry: Guiding Students into Spiritual Formation – Mike King (MA(TS) 2010)
  • Public Jesus: Exposing the Nature of God in Your Community – Tim Suttle (MDiv 2010)
  • Reclaiming Eve: The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God (forthcoming) – Carla Sunberg (MA(TS) 2004
  • Relational Theology: A Contemporary Introduction – *Libby Tedder Hugus (MDiv 2012)
  • The Samaritan Project – Rob Fringer (MA(TS) 2001), Jeff Lane (MDiv 2001)
  • Shrink: Faithful Ministry in a Church Growth Culture (forthcoming) – Tim Suttle (MDiv 2010)
  • A Seat at the Table: A Generation Reimagining its Place in the Church – Tim Gaines (MDiv 2008), Shawna Songer Gaines (MDiv 2010)
  • The Sinai Experiment: Ten Words for God’s Chosen People – Ryan Scott (MDiv 2009)
  • Spiritual Formation: A Wesleyan Paradigm – *Julene Tegerstrand (MDiv 2004), *Brent Peterson (MDiv 2000), *Andrew Schwartz (MA(TS) 2009)

(NOTE:  We do stress that this is only a partial list, including only those publications we are aware of by graduates since 2000)!  If you are an NTS alum and wish to update us on what you have been doing, please fill out this form on our website).

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