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Plantinga Pauw Delivers Lectures at NTS

Amy Plantinga Pauw, the Henry P. Mobley Jr. Professor of Doctrinal Theology at Louisville Seminary, delivered the Grider-Winget Lectures in Theology at Nazarene Theological Seminary earlier this month. The topics were “Why We Need a Wisdom Ecclesiology,” “Proverbs and the Church’s Creaturely Calling,” and “Ecclesiastes’ Word to the Missional Church.”

“Amy’s lectures addressed our lack of attention to the importance that the doctrine of creation has for how we think about the nature of the Church (i.e., ecclesiology),” said Andy Johnson, NTS professor of New Testament. “Too often we tend to only think about the Church in terms of its mission of witnessing to God’s redeeming and reconciling actions in Christ — and there is no doubt that this is indeed very important. But we generally ignore that the Church, like other human communities, must also be about the daily business of carrying on life in the world in ways that honor God as creator.

“The Old Testament Wisdom literature reminds us that the Church participates in God’s continuing daily life and creative activity in our world,” he continued. “As our children practice their guitars and trumpets, as we coach baseball, as we work as carpenters building a house, as we eat together in pot luck dinners at church, and as we do a myriad of other activities, we are not only enjoying the good gifts of the creator, but are participating in God’s continuing work in creation to bless others. Proverbs especially gives the Church guidance on doing this wisely, and functions as a model for the Church’s daily human life in the world. Ecclesiastes helps us not to forget that the Church itself is first and foremost composed of human beings with creaturely limitations and that, like individual human beings, local churches themselves have life cycles.”

NTS hosts two to three lecture series each academic year. Earlier this fall NTS welcomed renowned Old Testament Scholar Terence Fretheim as the Benner/Earle Visiting Scholar during the seminary’s two-week intensive module. Fretheim co-taught an exegetical course on the book of Genesis with NTS Professor of Old Testament Joseph Coleson and also delivered a public lecture.

Two lectures are scheduled for next spring; both are free and open to the public: Rick Richardson (director of the Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership program at Wheaton College) will deliver the Leonard Whipple & Bud Lunn Lectures on Personal Evangelism on March 5; Mary (Scottie) May (associate professor of Christian formation and ministry at Wheaton College) will deliver the Miriam Hall Lectures in Children’s Ministries on April 9. Learn more at

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