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General Superintendents meet with presidents of Nazarene Bible College and NTS 

Pictured, left to right: General Superintendent Jerry D. Porter, General Superintendent David W. Graves, General Superintendent Jesse C. Middendorf, NBC President Harold B. Graves Jr., General Superintendent J. K. Warrick, General Superintendent Stan A. Toler, NTS President David A. Busic, General Superintendent Eugenio R. Duarte.
General Superintendents meet with presidents of Nazarene Bible College and Nazarene Theological Seminary

On Tuesday, December 6 the Board of General Superintendents met with David A. Busic, president of Nazarene Theological Seminary, and Harold B. Graves Jr., president of Nazarene Bible College. The purpose of the meeting was to give an opportunity for the school presidents to communicate their plans and hopes for these two educational institutions.

In the meeting, the general superintendents expressed their confidence in Busic and Graves and assured them of their unwavering support for the schools. The Board of General Superintendents issued the following statement:

“Nazarene Bible College and Nazarene Theological Seminary are vital to the mission of the Church of the Nazarene. Their primary purpose is to provide undergraduate and graduate-level education for pastors and missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene. They also train evangelists and educators for service around the world.

“Both schools derive their primary financial resources from the World Evangelism Fund. The annual offering given to them by people in the United States and Canada is also vitally important to their ministry.

“The Board of General Superintendents is deeply and unwaveringly committed to NTS and NBC. They are worthy of the confidence of the entire denomination.”

—Board of General Superintendents

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