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Reflections at the Intersection of Mission and Spiritual Formation

Dr. Doug Hardy
Professor of Spiritual Formation; Director, Doctor of Ministry Degree Program

As an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene I regularly participate with clergy colleagues and lay leaders at District and General Church gatherings. These gatherings, among other things, focus on the mission and purpose of the church with implications for the proper attitudes and behaviors of those of us who lead and influence others. Sermons are preached, goals set, admonitions given, models held up for emulation.

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An African Story of Lent

Dr. David Wesley
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies; Director of 365M

I am (was) in Africa during most of the season of Lent-somehow this seems fitting and unfitting at the same time. It is unfitting because the landscape as well as the people around me are beautiful. I am not suffering, I am able to stay in a comfortable place, and I am getting to do exciting research. It is fitting, not because I am having to give up things (other than my family) in order to be here. It is fitting, however, because I have been able to witness a very Christian tradition of bearing another’s burden.

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Memorial Day & Pentecost: The Spirit & the Cross

Dr. Dean G. Blevins
Director, Master of Arts in Christian Formation and Discipleship Degree

One of the privileges of being at NTS is to eavesdrop on so many “social media” conversations that involve a large number of former and current students. Recent reflections revolved around the conundrum here in the United States of Pentecost and Memorial Day falling on the same weekend. I am always impressed at the explicit Christian considerations of this moment.

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