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Kansas City is a growing metropolis with a strong job market. Below are a few local job search engine links that might be helpful to you when looking for a job in the Kansas City area:

In addition to the links above, you will find below some specific employment opportunities that have been sent to us for posting on the NTS website. 

Are you an employer that is interested in having your employment opportunity listed on the NTS website? Please fill out the employment form here to have your opportunity listed.  For additional questions, email or call 800.831.3011, ext. 5433.


Custodian Part-Time Openings: Nazarene Theological Seminary

NTS currently has part-time openings in Maintenance for entry-level positions. Job descriptions and application are attached; work hours are flexible to accommodate class schedules. Interested parties should submit a completed application to HR@NTS.EDU, fax it to 816.268.5500, or turn it in at our Kansas City location. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Missional Living in San Francisco: Lifelight COTN

POSITION/JOB TITLE : Missional Living in San Francisco
HOURS : Full-time
WAGE TYPE : Non-paid internship

JOB DESCRIPTION : Northern California District Church of the Nazarene

Live & Work in San Francisco Come live and work in San Francisco. We’ll help you transition by connecting you to various job opportunities. We’ll show you around the city and help you adjust to life here. You’ll also get a coach/mentor to help you discover your calling and career direction. You’ll have a place to live and we’ll even ease the transition for you by helping you with the first two months of rent.

Thrive in a Nazarene Organic Church Community More importantly you’ll have an authentic community to encourage, support and challenge you. We are not like your mom and dad’s old Nazarene church. We are house churches full of twenty somethings who dares to live and love like Jesus in San Francisco. Your home will be a community on its own with others like you living there. You’ll be immersed deeply in a spiritually formative and disciplined life.

Get trained to be a ministry leader Sounds too good to be true? Well, here’s the catch. You’ll have to live like a faithful Christian (a Nazarene even) and learn to raise disciple makers. You’ll have pastors who’ll help you to live missional in your work place and in the community. You’ll participate and lead to foster spiritual growth within the community of faith, having opportunities to teach, preach, and mentor others. We’ll also encourage you to take courses to become a District licensed minister. In other words, we’ll serve you, train you and challenge you to grow as a faithful servant of God. ——————————————————— Duration: 6 to 24 months of commitment

Cost: Housing provided at $1,000 per month (double occupancy, shared house, including utility)

  • Upon request, first two months are paid by the District which must be paid back before the end of your stay.
  • Median rent for a single room (without utilities) in a share house in San Francisco is $2,200. And rising.

Qualification: a follower of Christ with a bachelor’s degree, having three letters of recommendation (one from a pastor, one from a faculty). About New Wineskin Project: New Wineskin project is a vision of the Northern California District to form a ministry hub, or a zone network, to support, train and multiply small, organic, house or elsewhere, churches. There are currently two house churches in San Francisco and more to be planted soon. Small churches facilitate authentic community, formative learning within, and an incarnational lifestyle to reach the un-churched. Yet the network, a cloistering of small churches, creates a larger community to be impactful through the work of justice and compassion. You are invited to be a part of this vision and make a difference through an out-of-box type of Christian community.


JOB REQUIREMENTS : Qualification: a follower of Christ with a bachelor’s degree, having three letters of recommendation (one from a pastor, one from a faculty).

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Lifelight Church of the Nazarene
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 2067 41st Ave|San Francisco|CA|94116|US
CONTACT NAME : Rev. Dan Chung
CONTACT PHONE : (415) 786-1245


Director of Finance and Business Development: Kansas City Rescue Mission

POSITION/JOB TITLE : Director of Finance and Business Development
HOURS : Full-time
WAGE TYPE : Salary

JOB DESCRIPTION : The Kansas City Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community ministering to the homeless in the downtown area. KCRM is looking for a full time Director of Finance and Business Development to support the growth and stability of KCRM by providing leadership and representation in accounting, administration and business development.

Job Qualifications:
-Must adhere to KCRM’s Qualifications for Employment, possess a commitment to social justice, and support KCRM’s Statement of Belief, Mission, Vision and Values
-Demonstrate strong Christian character, be loyal, patient, tactful, pliable, and teachable
-Excellent interpersonal skills, collaborative management and work style, open to direction
-Strong in analytical and abstract reasoning, organization skills, and written and verbal communications -Significant experience with non-profit accounting
-Experience developing long-range forecasts and maintaining long-range financial plans
-Ability to hold the organization accountable to financial best practices, high ethical standards and integrity
-Ability to oversee monthly and quarterly assessments and forecasts of the organization’s financial performance against budget, financial and operational goals
-Knowledge of human resource and/or payroll systems, budget development and oversight, tax and other compliance implications of non-profit organizations
-Business management experience or entrepreneurial involvement preferred
-Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration; additional certification or training in business management or entrepreneurship preferred

JOB REQUIREMENTS : Duties and Responsibilities:


A. Serve as a member of KCRM’s executive leadership team B. Provide counsel and analysis in areas of finance, business development and human resources to staff and board of directors C. Collaborate on a regular basis with the executive director, leadership team, department leaders and human resources with regard to administration, strategic planning and long range forecasting to encourage a forward thinking and financially stable organization D. Interact periodically with outsourced IT service provider and applications developer and monitor and approve related expenditures E. Support the executive director with special projects or other duties as assigned


A. Provide overall leadership in financial planning and strategic analysis B. Develop and manage KCRM’s budget in collaboration with executive director and department leaders C. Provide cash flow analysis and management to ensure strategic availability of funds D. Provide financial information needed to contain and track costs and track revenue E. Ensure timeliness and accuracy of financial reports and oversee preparation and communication of periodic financial statements in cooperation with outsourced accounting services F. Provide oversight to staff involved in accounting, payroll and benefits, gifts-in-kind and inventory functions G. Support KCRM’s human resource functions, including preparation of payroll, managing employee benefits, compliance with state and federal employment practices, and other risk management related matters H. Support KCRM’s development functions, including fundraising campaigns, strategies, gift tracking, and grants management I. Develop and manage policies and procedures to provide financial and operational efficiency with appropriate internal controls J. Take all steps necessary to protect KCRM’s employees, clients and/or residents, assets and resources, including an ongoing assessment of fraud risk within the non-profit and for-profit activities K. Support the independent CPA firm in completing the annual audit and IRS Form 990 L. Ensure financial and fundraising compliance with ECFA, GAAP and related governmental regulations impacting KCRM

Business Venture Development

A. Collaborate with the executive director and software development team to advance the current database project and explore new business venture ideas B. Study and provide counsel regarding integration of for-profit business ventures with the organization’s non-profit status, strategies and operations, examining risks and potential C. Develop, analyze, and manage policies and procedures affecting for-profit business activities of a non-profit organization D. Assist with development of an internal and external marketing plan in alignment with the selected business venture E. Ensure compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines involved in the development and pursuit of business ventures, including those issued by the Dept. of Labor, IRS, Dept. of Revenue, City codes, etc.

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Kansas City Rescue Mission
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 1520 Cherry Street|Kansas City|MO|64108|US
CONTACT NAME : Alisha Roberts
CONTACT PHONE : (816) 421-7643
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/COMMENTS : Interested applicants may submit their resume to Visit our website for more information


Pastor: Cape Elizabeth Church of the Nazarene

HOURS : Part-time (more than 20 hrs.)
WAGE TYPE : Salary
EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCE : Vocational certification/ training

JOB DESCRIPTION : This position is the pastor of the Cape Elizabeth Church of the Nazarene (, a small church of 30 or so people attending worship in Cape Elizabeth, Maine ( Starting hours are 20 hours per week. Planning and leading worship, providing pastoral care as needed, helping the church grow, and leading the Board are the primary duties. There are good support structures in place including a strong core of laity and if desired a mentor from the senior pastor of a large neighboring Nazarene church.


  • Passionate about community outreach and sharing the Gospel with unbelievers.
  • Open and accessible to all types of people, both in demeanor and communication style.
  • A strong educational background.
  • Ability to connect personally with a small but diverse congregation of all ages.
  • Strong teaching skills for spiritually mature people and unchurched people.
  • A young family with children would be advantageous in connecting with the community.

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Cape Elizabeth Church of the Nazarene
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 6 Susan Road|Cape Elizabeth|ME|04107|US
CONTACT NAME : Dianne Yosua
CONTACT PHONE : (207) 799-3692
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/COMMENTS : Cape Elizabeth is a seaside town with fishermen, farmers, and a large number of professional people. It is a place of great beauty, great schools, and on average the wealthiest town in Maine (but with a wide distribution of incomes).

There is a lovely parsonage located on a dead end street in a neighborhood of young families a couple of miles from the church.



Pastor of Family Ministires: Longview Church of the Nazarene

POSITION/JOB TITLE : Pastor of Family Ministires
HOURS : Full-time
WAGE TYPE : Salary

JOB DESCRIPTION : Longview Church of the Nazarene is looking to fill the position of Pastor of Family Ministries. This full-time position would encompass ministry and outreach to students from birth to 18.

The pastor of Family Ministries would be responsible for the development and implementation of activities for children on Sunday mornings (Sunday School and Kid’s church) and for the teens Sunday and throughout the week. (Full job description available upon request).

JOB REQUIREMENTS : Bachelors or equivalent degree in ministry. Ordination completed or in process. Desire to outreach to the church and community of Longview, Washington.

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Longview Church of the Nazarene
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 814 15th Ave|Longview|Washington|98632|US
CONTACT NAME : Michael Yost
CONTACT PHONE : (360) 560-0824
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/COMMENTS : If interested, please email a resume to the contact listed above. A full job description will be supplied upon request.



Summer Camp Chaplain: Boy Scouts of America

POSITION/JOB TITLE : Summer camp chaplain at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation, Boy Scouts of America, Bonner Springs, Kansas.
HOURS : Full-time
WAGE TYPE : Salary
EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCE : No educational minimum required

General responsibilities:

Provide spiritual support, chapel services, and promotion of Duty to God aspects of the Scout Oath and Scout Law to youth and adults in camp, as well as youth and adult camp staff.

Provide the Director of the Reservation and Camp Directors with weekly, and more quickly as warranted, sensings and feedback on campers’ experiences and perceptions, and on camp staff morale, spiritual health and leadership climate. JOB REQUIREMENTS : The ideal candidate will be ordained, in a seminary/theology program for ordination, or a religious school educator. As a minimum, a candidate should have demonstrated experience in lay or professional youth work and ministry.

Be at least 21 years old, preferably over 25 years old.

May 31-August 6, 2016 (approximately 10 weeks).

$500 per week salary.

Live at camp or at home (or some of each).

Men or women may apply. Scouting experience not required.
COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 1100 Martinek Lane|Kansas City|KS|66111|US
CONTACT NAME : Russ Munyan
CONTACT PHONE : (913) 709-0300


Package Handler: UPS

POSITION/JOB TITLE : Package Handler
HOURS : Part-time (more than 20 hrs.)
WAGE TYPE : Hourly (tuition reimbursement available as well - see additional comments below)
EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCE : No educational minimum required

JOB DESCRIPTION : To unload and load parcels weighing up to 70 pounds each.

JOB REQUIREMENTS : Must be able to:
• Bend, stoop, crouch, squat, crawl, climb, stand, walk, and turn/pivot 􀂃 Part-time, 3-5 hours per day, 5 days per week
• Ability to work varying shifts, additional hours and/or overtime depending on service needs
• Report to work on a regular and timely basis and complete the scheduled workday on a consistent basis
• Lift, lower, push, pull, leverage, and manipulate equipment and/or packages weighing up to 70 pounds • Lift and lower packages while “unloading” at a rate of 700 to 1,300 packages per hour and while “loading” at a rate of 500 to 1,200 packages per hour
• Assist in moving packages up to 150 pounds
• Grasp and maintain control of packages
• Read label information
• Lift packages to heights above the shoulder and lower packages to foot level as appropriate
• Perform tasks using simple hand grasping, fine hand manipulation and reach associated with assigned tasks such as paperwork, use of a computer or other data device, including hand-held scanners
• Operate powered equipment including extended belts and loading devices
• Have a sufficient ability to communicate, through sight, hearing, and/or otherwise, to perform assigned tasks and maintain proper job safety conditions
• Work at elevated heights, in enclosed spaces and on uneven walk surfaces
• Work in an environment with variable temperatures and humidity; exposure to dust, dirt, and noise; and confined work area
• Work cooperatively in a diverse work environment
• Demonstrate cognitive ability to follow directions and routines; work independently with appropriate judgment; exhibit spatial awareness; read words and numbers; concentrate, memorize, and recall; identify logical connections and determine sequence of response; and process up to 2-3 steps ahead
• Perform other functions that may be assigned

EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 223 N. James St.|Kansas City|Kansas|66118|US
CONTACT NAME : Kimberly Jeter
CONTACT PHONE : (913) 573-4765


  • Applications can be completed at
  • Opportunity for tuition reimbursement: $2625/semester; $5250/year; $25,000 life time cap.

Director of Children's Ministries: Central United Methodist Church 

Central United Methodist Church is in search of our new Director of Children’s ministries and would like to share the opening with any potential graduating student who might be interested in full-time employment with us.

We would like to hire someone no later than August 1st and are open to an immediate hire.

Click here for information about our church, who we are looking for, and how to apply.


Direct Care Staff: Shelterwood Academy

POSITION/JOB TITLE : Direct Care Staff
HOURS : Other
WAGE TYPE : Paid internship
JOB DESCRIPTION : Live and work for a minimum year as a Mentor with our teenagers. We are located just east of Kansas City, Missouri in Independence, Missouri. You must be at least 21 years of age.

Click here to view specifics about our program.

JOB REQUIREMENTS : Experience working or volunteering with teenagers is very helpful. An undergraduate degree is preferred. Candidates must be 21 years old.

COMPANY/EMPLOYER NAME : Shelterwood Academy
COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 3205 N. Twyman Rd.|Independence|MO|64058|US
CONTACT PHONE : (816) 812-2464
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/COMMENTS : Due to HIPAA regulations we do operate a closed campus, but visitors are welcome to set an appointment to visit campus M-F 10AM-3PM.


Mother's Refuge Houseparent

POSITION/JOB TITLE : Mother’s Refuge/Houseparent
HOURS : Part-time (more than 20 hrs.)
WAGE TYPE : Hourly

Company Overview:

Mother’s Refuge is a local maternity shelter for homeless pregnant and parenting teens. We are a non-profit located in Independence, Missouri. Our mission is to shelter, educate, and enable these young women, so that they can take learn to care for themselves and their babies. We strive to be a place of hope and refuge.

Type of Employment:

Part-time (Various shifts available including weekends)

Job Title: Houseparent

Reports to:

Houseparent Coordinator

Overall Responsibilities: Independently assist residents as needed while maintaining order in the house.

Key Responsibilities:

  • ·         Update resident logs
  • ·         Facilitate activities including meals and chores
  • ·         Drive residents to appointments and classes
  • ·         Help with residents’ babies as needed
  • ·         Light housekeeping
  • ·         Answer phones
  • ·         Attend monthly staff meeting (Every third Thursday of the month)

Skills & Qualifications:

Minimum: At least 21 years old

Proficient with Microsoft Word High school diploma or GED Can pass a background check Have a valid driver’s license, current car insurance, and acceptable driving record Ability to independently communicate and interact with teens and infants

        Bachelor’s degree
        2 or more years of experience with teens and infants
        First Aid and CPR certified (Will provide this training)


$10 per hour
Vacation eligibility after one year

Contact information:

Please email a resume to the Houseparent Coordinator at:

Mother’s Refuge is an equal opportunity employer.

COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 3721 Delridge|Independence|MO|64052|US
CONTACT PHONE : (816) 800-0458

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