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Community Connections Pastor

Position/Title: Community Connection Pastor 

HOURS : Full-time 

WAGE TYPE: Salary 



Mt. Scott Church desires to connect more deeply with our neighborhood and community in Portland, Oregon. We affirm our call as God’s ambassadors as He makes His appeal through us to make known that He has reconciled the world to himself through His son, Jesus Christ. The Community Connections Pastor job is crucial as we seek to increase engagement between our congregation and our neighbors, as well as the broader community. We also want to connect with organizations that seek to improve the lives and the health of all who live here. This includes coordinating volunteers for both new and existing opportunities and assimilating new people who would choose to be part of the church. This is a full-time pastoral position with benefits and reports to the Senior Pastor.


• Works to develop and establish relationships with key community organizations, (neighborhood associations, social agencies, advocacy groups, schools, and other community minded churches)

• Advertises for, trains and develops volunteers for community engagement

• Oversees our Community Connection Center (a gathering place for all which includes meeting rooms, coffee bar, work space, and play area) 

• Oversees assimilation, developing a First Impressions Team, making sure a first time visitor is comfortable, informed and knows what next steps of involvement look like

• Oversees our Shelter Group Ministry (a ministry of care and connection) 

• Works closely with the Executive Pastor and Office Administrator to schedule building for community use

• Works closely with the Youth and Children’s Ministry Coordinators to reach out to families

• Serves with the pastoral team as a loyal partner in work, fellowship and prayer, devoted to ministry together as a model of the harmony of the body of Christ and toward our chosen vision of the church in this location

• Needs to be willing to work Saturdays when the job requires


• Bachelor’s degree in ministry or related field 

• Five years’ experience with community connection (church or parachurch)

• Ordained or in the process of ordination

• Bilingual – Spanish speaker preferred, but not required


COMPANY/EMPLOYER ADDRESS : 10603 SE Henderson St. Portland, OR 97266

CONTACT NAME : Steve Robertson 

CONTACT INFO : (503) 771-1195 steve.robertson@mtscott.church

If interestered please email resume and any other pertinent information

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