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Youth Leader Position

Seymour First is a 113 year old congregation that has effectively made the transition to becoming a
highly progressive congregation that is working to develop a relevant ministry to impact contemporary culture. The fastest growing demographic in our congregation are young families ages 20-40.

Our Mission is to “Make and Mature Disciples of Jesus Christ.” We believe this is a lifelong process that must begin at birth and continue throughout our lifetime.  Our average worship attendance is over 500. We have experienced some great days in over a century of ministry and we firmly believe that our best days are still ahead. Approximately 1,200 area residents are affiliated with Seymour First.  We are a church united! There is an air of expectancy as we gather for passionate and enthusiastic worship each week. Our desire is to see that this same level of passion and excitement exists in every aspect of our ministry for children, youth and adults.  We are blessed with outstanding facilities for our ministry to youth. We believe there is a core of willing volunteers who are ready to work with a capable leader who can provide strong leadership and direction for this important ministry.  We are located in Seymour, Indiana, a rural community of approximately 20,000 located along Interstate 65, between Louisville, Kentucky and Indianapolis, Indiana.

A relationship with God is priority one! The culture that surrounds us is an incredibly powerful force
that is exerting its influences on young people through a variety of sources. Today’s youth are being
increasingly drawn away from God and the church. We must develop intentional strategies to combat these negative influences and equip students to live Godly lives in today’s secular culture. We cannot and will not sit passively by and allow this to happen. We love children and youth and we are committed to meeting their spiritual needs on the highest level possible.  The church must find ways to partner with parents to amplify our influence in the lives of today’s youth.  We believe that God has given the family and the church different and complementary roles, and that our young people will be most attracted to a life of following Christ when the home and the church join together to help them grow closer to God and to one another.

We are fighting for the hearts and souls of our sons and daughters. This means that we not only offer the full extent of excellent programming, worship and instruction, but that we also actively support, equip and encourage families to live out and speak about their faith in the home. We intend to develop a high tech passionate ministry that junior and senior high students will want to be a part of. We must do everything that we can to influence young people toward knowing and following Jesus Christ.

Seymour First is aggressively looking for an experienced, dynamic leader for our youth department (Grades 6-12).
Leadership/Spiritual Example
• A committed disciple of Christ who demonstrates spiritual maturity and leadership skills.
• In agreement with the doctrine and practices of the Church of the Nazarene.
• Gladly embraces Seymour First’s values, vision and goals.
• Experience in, or openness to, the implementation of the Orange Strategy as explained at
http://whatisorange.org. This philosophy has been firmly embraced in our children’s
department since 2012. We intend to expand this effective ministry strategy into our youth
department in 2014. A new leader will have plenty of latitude to develop their own ministry
model, but the Orange philosophy will provide the structure to build upon.
• A sincere passion and desire to raise up today’s young people to be authentic followers of Jesus
• A prayerful, God-dependent leader possessing unquestionable character and integrity.
• Gifted in team leadership with a work history of meeting and solving a variety of challenges and
problems in a collaborative team setting.
• Excellent judgment; demonstrates wisdom and discernment in handling sensitive and/or
confidential information.
• High energy, hard working, tenacious and sense of purpose.
• Committed to learning, mentoring (giving and receiving), and the ongoing nurture of themselves
and others in spiritual growth and development.
Creative Communicator/Teacher
• A gifted speaker/teacher who is highly creative and very relational with youth and their
• Able to articulate the church’s vision in a creative, compelling way that generates enthusiasm.
• Commitment to the vision.
• Will delegate responsibility and authority clearly empowering individual volunteers and ministry
teams to take action.
• Clearly and effectively communicates with others (staff/volunteers/congregation).
• A self-starter who can think and work independently yet solicits and values input from
• A healthy sense of humor.
Team Builder
• Ability to inspire, empower, develop, equip and coordinate.
• An effective team player who can create a culture of excellence.
• Able to organize, direct and support volunteers.
• An active listener who can build consensus while maintaining the strength of convictions.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Interested persons may submit a cover letter and resume to
Pastor Steve Greene at sgreene@seymourfirst.com. Seymour First Nazarene is located at 311
Myers St. in Seymour, Indiana, 47274. The church phone number is (812)522-2060.

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