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Youth Pastor for International Youth in Phnom Penh Cambodia-2 positions

Job title: Youth Pastor for International Youth

HOURS: Full-time

Wage Type: some remuneration

Education Requirements/Preference: Some college preferred

Job description:
These are separate positions, at two different international churches in Phnom Penh – the International Christian Assembly (ICA) and the International Christian Fellowship (ICF).  Each Youth Pastor would have a special emphasis on the Youth in the Church they are employed by as well as collaborating with other international churches for city wide youth activities. For more specific information about each position please contact the email address below.


  • Passionate about inspiring youth to seek & follow Jesus
  • Experienced in youth ministry
  • A good communicator · Have a heart for mentoring
  • A good team builder
  • Creative
  • Familiar with TCK issues
  • Adaptable to multiple cultures

Please prayerfully consider coming to serve the International Youth in Phnom Penh - we need you!

Job requirements: Love Jesus.  Love Youth.  Love to serve in Cambodia.

Employer name: International Christian Fellowship (ICF) / International Christian Assembly (ICA) Address: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Contact name: Cathy Macqueen

Contact email: youthpastorsearchphnompenh@gmail.com

Comments: For more information about these two youth pastor opportunities please contact:


Closing date for applications: Friday, April 18th, 2014
Start Date: ideally between August - early October 2014, depending on availability

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