Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) is a place where the best ideas and the BEST PRACTICES OF CHRISTIAN MINISTRY are explored. 

A benefit of membership in the NTS CLUB 300 is access to a new BEST PRACTICES document to be published by the Seminary. To provide the content of this document, NTS and the NTS Alumni Council are asking pastors and NTS graduates to share BEST MINISTRY PRACTICES that can improve the ministry and reach of local congregations.  For our purposes, we will define a BEST PRACTICE as an innovative strategy that can be replicated and has impact in fulfilling the mission of the Church.

Members of the NTS Alumni Council, together with the NTS Faculty, will select the BEST PRACTICE in each of the defined domains (outlined below) and provide a cash award of $200 for each winning practice. These awards will be announced at the fall Preachers Conference, “Incarnational Leadership in a ‘Me First’ World”.  The conference will be held September 30 – October 1; it is the first event to be hosted by the new NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership. 

The NTS Alumni Council and the faculty will also select from among all the best practices submitted, 25-50 submissions that will be published in the first official NTS CLUB 300 BEST PRACTICES document.  This document will be provided to members of the NTS CLUB 300, as a benefit of their membership.  To join CLUB 300 or learn more, go to NTS.EDU/CLUB-300

Criteria for selection will be innovation, the possibility for replication, cost and impact.

To submit a BEST PRACTICE for consideration, please note the following instructions:

  1. An individual minister or NTS alum may submit no more than one BEST PRACTICE for each of the following five domains:
    • Church Administration (board development, leadership, polity, governance, etc.)
    • Preaching
    • Pastoral Care, Counseling
    • Evangelism, Mission, Compassionate Ministry
    • Worship, Rituals, Sacraments
  2. The narrative of your submission cannot exceed 750 words. 
  3. All BEST PRACTICE submissions must be submitted electronically using the form provided (in Microsoft Word), or by filling out the digital form on the NTS website at NTS.EDU/CLUB-300-BEST-PRACTICES-FORM. 
  4. All sections of the submission form must be completed.
  5. You may attach two brochures or documents not to exceed 10 pages.
  6. DEADLINES for submission:
    • To be considered for one of the cash prizes:  5:00pm CDT, September 17, 2014.
    • To be considered for inclusion in the BEST PRACTICES document: 5:00pm CDT, October 6, 2014.