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Just $300–or only $25/month

CLUB 300 is the work of the NTS Alumni Association, whose goal is to raise alumni giving at NTS equal to that of other seminaries across the U. S. Though NTS slightly exceeds the national annual average gift amount (of alumni to their seminary)*, we are behind in the percentage of alumni who give annually.  The national average is 11% of alumni contributing to their seminary; however, only 2% of NTS alumni currently contribute each year.    

We believe we can exceed the 11% standard established by our colleagues in other seminaries.  To that end, we are asking each of our alumni to contribute $300–just $25/month–to support the mission of NTS.  Your involvement is crucial at this time of financial transition within the denomination, and at the Seminary.  

As a founding member of CLUB 300 you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Participate in two webinars on the Church in the 21st Century with a specific focus on preaching and on creating Communities of Service.  The webinars will be facilitated by the NTS President and NTS faculty.
  2. Participate in an audio conference with the NTS President and the Alumni President on the development of an initiative on Pastor as Leader and how to create a leadership community to serve the Church.
  3. Receive recognition at NTS events as well as in the annual issue of the NTS Connection
  4. Participate in a CLUB 300 blog to create a community of learning from alumni on best practices in ministry.  Blogs will be compiled into a single publication for distribution among alumni.

Most importantly, your participation will contribute to the mission of NTS to prepare women and men for pastoral leadership in the Church.  

Make your pledge online…TODAY! 

Download a form to mail in your pledge…TODAY!

Downloand and print a CLUB 300 Information Sheet.

*NOTE:  The national average gift (of alumni to their Seminary) is $300; at NTS, we average $297.