Chaplaincy Ministries Certificate

The Certificate in Chaplaincy Ministries requires the completion of 12 semester hours. It provides a specialized introduction to the diverse types and nature of chaplaincy ministry and on-site participation in chaplaincy ministry.

Admission to the Certificate in Chaplaincy Ministries program is limited to students either currently enrolled in the Master of Divinity Degree Program, or have already earned an M. Div., or its equivalent. Denominational endorsement for Chaplaincy service requires theological education commensurate for the ministry context. Completion of this Certificate does not constitute ecclesiastical endorsement for chaplaincy.

The Certificate in Chaplaincy requires the completion of 12 semester hours including:

  • PTH580 Introduction to Chaplaincy (3 hrs)
  • PTH670 Counseling for Grief and Loss (3 hrs)
  • PTH781 Clinical Pastoral Education (Basic) (6 hrs)


Financial assistance from the Spencer-Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to students who plan to minister as full-time hospital, institutional, or military chaplains.  Students must register their plans for chaplaincy with the Office of Chaplaincy Services for the Church of the Nazarene. Instructions for receiving financial assistance from this fund can be obtained either from the NTS Financial Aid Office or from the Office of Chaplaincy Services.