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NTS: Because Ministry is Complex and Diverse

By Dr. Fred Fullerton (‘85) l NTS Alumni Association Vice President
Vice President for Spiritual and Leadership Development, Northwest Nazarene University

The call of God upon my life has led to a variety of ministry assignments over the past 28 years. My NTS training provided a genuine foundation for service through academic rigor, and models of Christian servanthood in the faculty and staff. It also challenged me to be a life-long learner.

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NTS is a "Greenway Sweeper"

Rev. Kyle Poole (‘95) | NTS Alumni Association Member-at-Large
Senior Pastor, Midland Valley (SC) Community Church of the Nazarene

Nazarene Theological Seminary has been a “Greeneway Sweeper” in my life. Because spiritual formation happens best in community, professors and alumni of NTS have gone ahead of me to blaze a trail and clear the path so that I may be more effective in fulfilling my call to ministry.

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Club 300

CLUB 300 is an exciting new partnership between the alumni of NTS and the leadership team at the Seminary. We invite you to become a charter member of this new association along with the students, faculty, and staff at NTS.

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Wanting To Go Back

Rev. Christa Klosterman | NTS Alumni Association Member-at-Large

Ten years after completing my Master of Divinity degree, I find myself exceedingly grateful for the three years I spent at NTS. I was challenged to think deeply and broadly about God’s mission in the world. I learned how to listen to and love people. My ability to listen to God’s still small voice grew. I started to journey with friends and professors who continue to play a large role in my formation as a pastor. And recently, in a conversation with a current NTS student, I found myself wanting to go back.

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Lord of the Flies

Rev. Carla Sunberg | NTS Alumni Association President
Co-District Superintendent, East Ohio District Church of the Nazarene

I am so very grateful for my NTS education and all I was able to learn. My life was forever changed by my NTS experience, which gave me a new and greater appreciation for the Word. I love to soak in the Word on a daily basis; and each day, I ask God to teach me new things. I want to share here some devotional thoughts from just a few weeks ago.

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