365 M / Cross–Cultural Ministries Diploma

Looking for a significant and dynamic way to explore cultures and serve in the world?  If so, 365M might be for you!  This year-long global mission experience couples together graduate-level intercultural studies with hands-on experience in cross-cultural settings around the globe.  In 365 days, through intensive module classes, online coursework, and on-the-ground training and mentoring, you can earn a 24-credit graduate Diploma in Cross-Cultural Ministry, while embarking on an experience of a lifetime.

For a quick overview of the program, download the 365m Brochure or watch the video from Dr. David Wesley, Director of 365m.

The process for entering into the 365M program includes applying for and being accepted as a graduate student to Nazarene Theological Seminary as well as being accepted to participate in the global cross-cultural experience. However, we have simplified the process by combining the NTS and 365M applications into one. So, you will receive two acceptances but you only have to fill out one application and provide one set of references!

To get things started, visit our Resources, Forms & Schedules Page and click on 365M Resources. However, please contact us so we can personally be in touch throughout the process.  You can reach us in the Office of the Registrar & Admissions at 816.268.5451 or 1.800.831.3011, ext. 5451, or by email at enroll@nts.edu.  Additionally, visit the 365M Facebook page to see what is happening with current 365M students!


365M Testimonial - From Rev. Christa Klosterman

“Recently in a district licensing interview, I listened to an NTS student who was nearing the end of his year in the 365M program.  As I listened, I noticed how his global and intense experience on the field had shaped his heart and sharpened his mind in a way not found in other educational and training programs.  Hands-on experience and a prolonged immersion in a cross cultural setting prepared him in deep and holistic ways to be a blessing to the global Church and the world, no matter where he might serve in the future.  I found myself excited for this particular student and for the Church who will need his gifts as we learn to live in an increasingly diverse and changing world.  As an alumnus of NTS, and a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene, I am excited to hear of the innovative ways the Seminary is forming ministers of the Gospel for the future.  I only wish NTS had had a program like this when I was a student!”