365 m / Cross–Cultural Ministries Diploma

Looking for a significant and dynamic way to explore cultures and serve in the world?  If so, 365m might be for you!  This year-long global mission experience couples together graduate-level intercultural studies with hands-on experience in cross-cultural settings around the globe.  In 365 days, through intensive module classes, online coursework, and on-the-ground training and mentoring, you can earn a 24 credit graduate Diploma in Cross-Cultural Ministry, while embarking on an experience of a lifetime.

For a quick overview of the program, download the 365m Handbook or watch this video from 365m participants Wes and Sarah Steisslinger.


Wes and Sarah Steisslinger - 365M from Nazarene Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

The process for entering into the 365m program includes applying for and being accepted as a graduate student to Nazarene Theological Seminary as well as being accepted to participate in the global cross-cultural experience. After completing the full NTS application, please fill out the 365m application provided on this page.

A New Way to Apply

We have modified the application process to make it as convenient and streamlined as possible for each student. Listed below are links to the applications you will need.

1. NTS application

2. 365m application

3. Exploring Mission Form (EMF)

To get things started, visit our Resources, Forms & Schedules Page and click on 365M Resources. However, please contact us so we can personally be in touch throughout the process.  You can reach us in the 365m Office at 365m@nts.edu or 816.268.5458 or 1.800.831.3011, ext. 5457. Additionally, visit the 365M Facebook page to see what is happening with current 365M students!

365M Testimonial -  Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson - 365M from Nazarene Theological Seminary on Vimeo.