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Corlett Senior Sermon Donor: Mr. Wes Blachly

When I was asked last year to bring Wes Blachly to the Seminary so he could watch 3 students preach sermons for the Corlett Senior Sermon Series (for which he is the donor/sponsor), I was not expecting to form any sort of attachment with him in the space of a 15-minute drive. Yet that is exactly how our friendship developed. Love and kindness radiate from Wes.

Wes has not only invested financially in NTS, but he has given his heart to its students. Though there are few he even knows by name, I am sure there is not a single student he wouldn’t take time to stop and talk to, pray with, or invite to Sunday dinner.

I doubt many students know him, because Wes does not seek recognition (though he is very proud of the Towel and Basin Award he received last year!). But by investing in our community, Wes is clearly doing what the Lord has called him to do.

I don’t get to see him as often as I would like. Though he is frustrated that he isn’t able to get out and do all the things he would like to do, his big, bright heart is unchanged; and if possible, it might actually be growing larger.

Thank you, Wes, for your support of NTS and for your dedication to the training of pastors through your support of the Corlett Senior Sermon.

– shared by Andrew Pottenger, Current NTS Student

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